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Here you will find a collection of blog posts written by myself, Vicki Murphy. I am an internationally recognized Intuitive Coach, Medium, and Integrative Energy Expert.

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How to use the energy of the Solar Eclipse

First, fun fact – the reason this eclipse is so different is that it’s the first total solar eclipse in 99 years to traverse the skies of the US, from coast to coast – the first to be able to be seen by the lower 48 states in 38 years!  Rare!...

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Belief MindSet Shift Exercise:

Check yourself for these beliefs.  First close your eyes so you can feel each vibration in your body as you read through these beliefs.  See if your having a physical feeling of positive belief or negative reaction to each of the statements,...

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Ant Spirit Animal Message

Ant Spirit Animal Message Another one of our spirit animals that is diminutive in size, is the Ant.  Their message is full of guidance and meaningful purpose! Ant can bring messages of patience and awareness, regarding your community;...

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Caterpillar Spirit Animal Message

Caterpillar Spirit Animal Message Transformation is at hand!  Caterpillar is reminding us of our potential of becoming all we desire; an expression of our soul’s divine nature!  It may seem that you are moving slowly, but it is a necessary...

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Flea Spirit Animal Message

Although small, the flea is extremely resilient and powerful.  And if you’ve ever tried to smash one, you know that they have an extremely strong exterior, and that makes them a powerful survivor.  As well, they can avoid danger by being...

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Aura Map

“Aura; universal energy beyond the flesh.”   Energetic Aura Bodies We operate in a sea of energy, and there are multiple layers of energy around our body.  The layers of energy make up your aura body.  Each of these layers is affiliated with a...

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Give yourself a second youth!

Yes, you can! And create many other realities that seem miraculous too!  See 10 Tips for Belief below… Please Like my Page, and pass this information on! I will be live next Sunday, 7/30, 8:30am – 9:30am, so mark your calendars!  I will be...

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Crystal Personality Chakra Chart

Quartz – Crown Chakra – Pisces/Water – For those who are attuned to an amplified Spiritual connection, this soul is outspoken without using any words. Musical and artistic, they may sometimes present their own biggest challenges. For those who...

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Flower Power Personality Chart

Sunflower - Solar Plexus Chakra Golden energy of Spiritual connection; interested in higher consciousness Sunny & warm personality In touch with emotions. Creative Genius   Daffodil – High Sacral Chakra Carefree Trusts in the...

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11 Powerful Activated Manifesting Affirmations!

The reason these Manifesting Affirmations are so powerful is that they have an energy that creates focus and helps attune your frequency to what you really need - high frequency feelings to attract the good vibrations that you wish to create! ...

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5 Methods to Cut Cords

5 Methods to Cut Cords of Low Frequency or Negative Energy What is a cord? How do I know if I am corded, and how can I tell if I need a cord cutting? Am I detaching or leaving when I cut cords? How do I do it?What is a Cord? Cords are unseen...

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