Friday Prayer Work & Symbols

Fourth Week - One More to Go! PG7 Send your stories!  And there are many more symbols that are being given - the Aspen Tree and it's leaves are one that was added today, you can read more about this amazing Spiritual Message of the...

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Angel Message:  Don’t justify your limitations!

We all get something out of the energy we run.  For instance, if we run the belief energy of “I’m shy” or “I’m socially awkward”, two things occur. First, we’ll continue to create a reflection of that belief, and have experiences that convince us that this is true. ...

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Wednesday Prayer Work & Symbols

Hope you are having a Wonderful Week!  Sorry for the late messages today!  You will be receiving Wednesdays from yesterday, and Thursdays today as well. ____________ Mercury Retrograde during the Eclipse: A note regarding the current Mercury Retrograde, 8/12 – 9/5...

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Beetle Spirit Animal Message

The Green Beetle is one of over 350,000 mutations of beetles, and in that is related to the Scarab Beetle.  This in and of itself speaks to Beetle's strength in adapting and surviving.  Scarab Beetles are a symbol of good luck, and associated with Ra the sun God who...

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PG7 DNA Activation

During the Eclipse Today! Good Morning! I've already been in prayer and have been directed to help you through this process.  I will write more in detail later, but wanted to get this to you so you can see, hear & feel this activation throughout the day!  Really...

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DNA Activation

What happens during the DNA Activation? In this 6 phase activation, we will be connecting with and bringing in dimensional, intelligent energy, to activate the remaining 10 strands of DNA.  The activation of the DNA strands then activates the DNA Codes, within the...

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The Solar Eclipse & How to use it

First, fun fact – the reason this eclipse is so different is that it’s the first total solar eclipse in 99 years to traverse the skies of the US, from coast to coast – and the first to be able to be seen by the lower 48 states in 38 years!  Rare! "...Pendulums of...

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Third Week! PG7 – Fridays Prayer Work & Symbols

Prayer for Wisdom, Strength & Truth Hope you are having a Fabulous Friday!  Just a reminder, I've had a request to send the prayer work & messages each day, rather than all on Friday.  This makes sense, so that you can connect with the Angelic symbols, and the...

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Owl Spirit Animal Message

The Owl, long known for its wisdom is asking you to look inside to ask: “Who” is directing your life. Is it your thoughts, your ability to believe in yourselves, and create all you desire, or the thoughts and belief of another? “Who” is conducting the direction of...

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