Caterpillar Spirit Animal Message

Caterpillar Spirit Animal Message

Transformation is at hand!  Caterpillar is reminding us of our potential of becoming all we desire; an expression of our soul’s divine nature!  It may seem that you are moving slowly, but it is a necessary part of the process.  The reward will be freedom, and so the arduous tasks at hand are worth all of the effort.  This is not the beginning stage, nor the end, as the life cycle is just that, a cycle!  And as a cycle, a circle, our energy is never ending.  Your loved ones are all around you still, and you too will continue to cycle through many phases of growth, here and beyond, gently allowing for your rich rewards to become something that you recognize.  Caterpillar energy is related to both the Sacral Chakra; studies in unconditional love, worth, and value, and the creative energies; and the Root Chakra; studies in safety, security and support.

As you become in tune with your ability to choose to “see” things differently, you adjust your focus, and see the beauty in the simplest things in life!  This allows for your life to be full of rewards, and for you to maintain your high frequency.  Your journey is allowing you to become more spiritual; through all cycles and phases.  This creates an ease; a release of having to try too hard!  It is all orchestrated, and the information is coded deep within you; it takes you on your journey effortlessly if you let it.

So, the caterpillar spirit energy is calling you to gently relax and release fears.  The caterpillar is not worried if it will have wings when it awakens, or if it will know when it is time to make the chrysalis, or afraid that it will not know how to make a chrysalis!  Release limitations in thoughts, beliefs and feelings.  You are being called to evolve.

Ask yourself these questions to discover what Caterpillar may be saying to you:

  • Are you trusting in the process, even when it seems that you are “off track”?  Being “off track” is also a necessary part of this journey, and provides us with beautiful contrasting experiences so that we know what does feel right; an essential part of our guidance.
  • Are you allowing for the process, or are you fighting it; holding on to old ways, beliefs, people, jobs, etc. that no longer define your souls joy?  Caterpillar is highlighting this new path so that you can get to the reward.  It is aligned with your studies in trust; the trust that you can support yourself, and or be supported here – as you are!
  • Are you supporting your divine nature?  You cannot attract what you do not give to yourself!
  • Are you having a loving relationship with yourself, or are you judging your process; creating judgements of yourself that are clouding your energy for creation?  Caterpillar is calling you to see beyond the necessity of the process to the beauty; beyond the effort to the reward.
  • Are you able to see your winged beauty; your potential?  If not, then caterpillar is asking you to dig deep to see what may be supporting your grand “cover up”!  Are you afraid to be seen?
  • Are you afraid of your truth; your beauty, inside and out?  You may be afraid to fail.  However, there is no such thing as failure – it is simply guidance, and a lesson to allow clarity for future choice!
  • Are you afraid of the responsibility of being your beautiful self?  If you are as beautiful, as powerful as you are, then what responsibilities may come to you?  Are you afraid you might fail others, or disappoint others?  This is “not good enough energy” and Caterpillar is calling you to release it.  No one is perfect here, and or we wouldn’t need to be here, learning, and growing!
  • Are you in touch with your “ripple” effect; how your energy is effecting others, and then the world as a whole?  Caterpillar is drawing attention to your process so that you can assess this aspect as you prepare to take flight.  This is a part of your soul’s plan; the first part, to process, and then the second, to create the “butterfly effect” as you flutter your wings and gently create and energy that effects those around you by sharing your wisdom.

It is time to prepare for your greatness; your journey into the profound and divine.  Caterpillar is calling you to use your beautiful gifts to become all that you can with gentle ease and allowing, and then to assist others by showing them (modeled behavior), how to align, with ease to the divine soul’s purpose.  The sacred transformation and all processes associated represent the cycles of growth that are a beautiful gift to the soul.

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