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Vicki is an internationally recognized Intuitive Coach, Medium, and Integrative Energy Expert, who helps individuals and corporations develop successful and profitable businesses and personal relationships. Vicki’s methods help you stop the struggle of mentally and physically draining patterns, so you can tap into your inner power and create the life you love.

Through private and group coaching, she supports clients to clear debt, double and triple income, develop soul-based business, buy their dream homes, and heal symptoms of lack, including those that may be impacting their health.


Can we speak about Intuition, money and your divine purpose?

Your intuition is innate within you, your system of guidance and a conduit to the divine. And your relationship with money is one of the most sacred relationships you have and is directly related to how well you value YOURSELF. It’s a reflective tool for your growth, a spiritual energy that can help you expand into your divine potential. The two, in combination, are powerful and how you understand and use your intuition along with the frequency of money is what makes money a spiritual and healing tool. Unfortunately, some people stay stuck in fear around money, they never learn to use it as a spiritual healing tool, and it impacts their health and longevity…

I grew up with financial challenges.

So how did I make friends with Money?

I watched my parents create “success” in their lives by all worldly standards – however, the cost to their health was devastating. My father literally worked himself into the ground and died an early death. Neither of my parents got to enjoy the retirement that they had worked so hard for, that they had planned. And I vowed to never “work” a day in my life. I wanted to live my life to the fullest – before I couldn’t, or before I died.  Money became tainted for me, an evil thing that cost me, my family, and my parents, health and happiness.


So much of my life had been about ignoring things, especially spiritual things, and how I was feeling – I had trained with the best.

And from a young age, I allowed my “conditioning”, to drive me to prove myself worthy and to gain love by achieving at a high level. This drive led me to override my intuitive wisdom, and the very thing that I had vowed, that I would never work myself to death. I was pushing myself emotionally and physically, knowing that it could lead to exactly the opposite, lack of time, lack of happiness, or worst, illness. But why?

My toxic patterns took me to the ER.

I was in the ER with excruciating pain in my mid-section – an ulcer. Exactly the way my father had suffered in his youth right before he had 2/3’s of his stomach removed due to cancer. And I was only in my 20’s. Talk about motivation! The fears that had kept me stuck were making me sick.

I listened to my intuition, and my body, and left home, heading across the country to the west coast, to the ocean to heal.

I dumped toxic relationships along the way, began to reconnect to my intuition, and understand my fears to deal with them, and my body began to heal.

The funny thing was, as I healed, so did my abundance. That intuitive move lead me to became a well-known artist, doing what I loved, and the universe began to show me that I could have it all. I made more money with greater ease, without struggle. I connected to better relationships without drama and struggle. And I kept listening.

I vowed to help others who were caught up in painful patterns that were keeping them unhappy and unhealthy. I began teaching, speaking, and offering private sessions to those who “magically” showed up at my door. Yes, the universe even took care of my lead generation!

Some thought I was crazy.

I left the safety and comfort of a great life, one where all of my needs were taken care of. They didn’t realize that that very life was killing me, both mentally and physically. I landed on a psychotherapy couch, flatlining. That was it, the motivation hit me like a ton of bricks. It was literally do or die. So, I did what was scary. I left all the “safety” behind, listened to my intuitive gut feelings, and recreated my life, becoming a professional coach and mentor.  Those who thought I was crazy began to see things differently. To be fair, many of them were scared FOR me. They couldn’t imagine how I was going to make a living as an artist or a coach. And I surpassed their expectations. I became a well-known artist, gracing the cover of magazines, and creating a 6-figure income – every year for years! And then I became a globally recognized coach – coaching privately, and on iHeart Radio for over 9 years.

I helped women and men overcome their ideas and fears around money, reconnect with their intuition, and find and follow their purpose to create lives they loved.

Your energy & intuition affects every decision you make… whether you know it or not.

I see all the ways my beautiful clients have been blocking success in their lives, in love, in money, in communication, and within careers. And sometimes they see it too. But it is super hard to work on yourself and your own challenges – because many of your fears are in place to keep you “safe”. You too may be playing small, hiding your talents, discounting your worth, and staying “comfortable”.  Here’s the proof …  You are not reaching your dream goals! That is a symptom you’re blocking the energy that you need. The spiritual energy that drives a seed to push through the constriction of the soil – without even knowing what sunlight is – lives within every cell of your body. That clear drive comes from your spirit and your soul-purpose. And if your intuition is turned off, you may feel afraid, and not supported by that inner guidance. Even if you don’t know what your soul-purpose is or may have given up on knowing. You may have thoughts like, “This is good enough” or “who do I think I am to want more?”. Yet within, in truth, your soul is longing for more. There is a spiritual intuitive energy within you that “knows” that there is some “sunlight/reward” that it is seeking. And that purpose is the very reason you are here, wanting to thrive, wanting to expand into your potential.

Yes, you CAN absolutely have safety, security and be aligned with your joyful life purpose. You can be successful doing what you long to do.

I’m committed…

to YOU. I can guide you to take the simple steps that I did, to become fearless (like when you were a child) and empower you to create a new story, to, build a successful business, to transform your life and those around you.

I’m committed to helping you release the toxic, draining feeling of being lost, feeling overwhelmed and not understood or supported. To quit feeling alone, confused and depleted, not sure what or how to get to where you want to be. Let me help you stop wasting your precious “living” time here.

You deserve to have your fullest, happiest life.

There is no limit to your abundance.

  • Are you aligned with your Soul-Purpose? Do you know what it is?
  • Are you stepping into the right energy, listening to your inner guidance to enable money to flow to you easily?
  • Do you believe in you – your possibilities? Or do you think that kind of success is only for others?
  • Are you ready, willing, and able to commit to you, to building a life you love, with freedom and success, aligned with your “WHY” purpose? In your professional life? In your personal life?
Vicki Murphy standing with tress with lights in the background

Ready to Live Your Dreams?

I’ve built two soul-purpose, six-figure businesses that have prospered – and have allowed me to keep my promise to myself to NEVER WORK. Finding and clearing blocks that are stopping you, so you can create a strong foundation is the key to your sustainable success personally and professionally.

You’ll benefit from my personal experiences and expertise (like the success of hundreds of clients who have used my methods) to …

  • Discover your Soul Purpose
  • Increase your income, and clear debt
  • Build a soul-aligned business
  • Learn how to bring YOU to your current career
  • Connect with quality loving relationships and friendships
  • Stop maddening, draining, fear-based patterns
  • Tap into your inner wisdom, your intuition, to easily make supportive life decisions
  • Become healthier, more energized and happier

My clients have achieved their dreams, beyond what they imagined was possible when they first began their journey. You can too!

You will create your perfect soul aligned intentions, and guided with meditations and intuitive downloads throughout the weeks, as I help you make progress toward your goals.

Vicki Murphy standing with tress with lights in the background

I know you have a deep desire to serve.
Let’s get you profitably thriving..


Learn more about how I can help you.


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Still curious about me?

Vicki Murphy at a beach with sunglasses on

Enjoy these fun facts!

  • I manifested my Dream Life! I currently live in Southern California, 5 minutes from the Pacific Ocean, with my husband, and my mini Adult Ren. I love to photograph the beach and beautiful sunsets, and Yes, I manifested my dream life!
  • I practice Daily Gratitude! I love birds and sitting over coffee in my amazing backyard, in the quiet mornings, channeling content for you.  I love organic Hazelnut Coffee, my fabulous friends and family, and these are my “go-to’s” for inspiring gratitude.
  • Strong Family Values. Being the eldest child in my family, I grew up with strong family values and parents who (despite having their own soul challenges) reminded me I could achieve whatever I set my mind to.
  • I Believe in God & Science. I was raised with both a background in science and God, which set me up to understand the quantum universe and to allow for belief in things unseen – which included using my intuition. My dad was in the CIA, my Uncle was a colonel in Area 51, and my mom made sure we went to church each Sunday.
  • I was born in Vietnam. My amazing parents had “top secret” eye’s-only-clearance, were living globally at the time, working for the government.
  • I Believe in Miracles! When I listened to my intuition, and my ailing body, and left home with very little money, and a very unique art degree I experienced a huge miracle. I was running out of money and opened a newspaper to look for a job. There in the paper was an ad for an “INTAGLIO MONOTYPE PRINTMAKE ARTIST”. Yes, that is my exact degree, and YES, I believe in miracles! God and the Universe are always there for us, supporting us when we line up our energy, when we listen and choose to walk through our fears (and yes, sometimes even when we are too stuck or stubborn to line up our energy! LOL!)
  • I AM a Professional Artist, Author, Radio Personality, & Speaker! I’ve been an artist all my life — and reached international success, painting one-of-a-kind paintings for private and corporate clients for over 30 years. This is one of the 6-figure, soul-purpose intuitively driven businesses that I created. Another 6-figure + soul-purpose business is my current business as an Intuitive Coach, Speaker, Author, and Spiritual Mentor. I love to help people achieve their dreams!
Vicki Murphy at a beach with sunglasses on

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