Flea Spirit Animal Message

Although small, the flea is extremely resilient and powerful.  And if you’ve ever tried to smash one, you know that they have an extremely strong exterior, and that makes them a powerful survivor.  As well, they can avoid danger by being small, not being seen.  They run away from any challenge, jumping great distances from one animal to the next to survive and thrive.  They appear in our lives to remind us of our own strength; to remind us that, although we may dislike Fleas, and the threats to us or our animals that they represent, there are choices for positive actions.  It may be time to be resourceful.

Their parasitic nature, may be a message leading us to examine our own parasitic situation; is it healthy?  Their ability to “jump” great distances, may be pointing out our own agility and ability to thrive in a harsh environment.  Is it time to “jump” or move on, to protect yourself from a potentially harmful situation or challenge?  As well, when Fleas grow in number, they can over take an entire animal, much larger than they are, and drive them to distraction; creating cumulative damage.  That’s a lot of power!  And so, Flea may also show up in our lives to remind us that there is often power in numbers.  Is it time to gain power by banding together with others?  Or, are you being manipulated by the power of many, to the point that it’s unhealthy?   But be aware, Fleas message may also be, not to dislike the power, or even manipulation, of others; but rather to allow for their soul’s lessons to be understood as a means to their own learning and growth.  So, don’t judge.  That only makes you weak.  Rather, reach for understanding, and heed whatever valuable message Flea is bringing to you.

To find out what else Flea may be coming forth to teach, ask yourself these questions:

  • Are you trying to do too much alone? [Flea is pointing out that it may be time to ask for help. To face any fears regarding asking for your needs and wants to be heard and met.]
  • Am I allowing others energy to “scratch away” at my self-esteem? [Flea is bringing your attention to it so you can make better choices.]
  • Am I not focusing on my own power of protection? [Don’t let something small eclipse your truth and your power.  Stand up for yourself.]
  • What can I do to protect myself from harsh energy? [Choices, like those of the flea’s ability to survive, may be a reminder to examine possible solutions to a challenge.  Don’t just survive – THRIVE!]
  • Am I wishing to be “invisible”?  [What is causing this?  Examination is key.  Then decide to stand in the light!  Be seen.]
  • Am I dependent on another to make me feel good, or worthy? [The flea sustains itself on the blood of others; an act of vampirism.  This is a lesson regarding dependency, and about gaining wisdom.  That self-worth, and esteem, can only come from within.  So, Flea may be calling for you to examine whether you may be pulling on those around you, those you love, too much; using them emotionally, or materially, without allowing any reciprocity.  Are you allowing them/their needs to be met?]
  • Am I allowing someone to suck the life out of me? [Dependency due to energy vampirism as well.]
  • Are you in a codependent relationship? [Abusive people need the energy of others to survive and they are here to learn that they are not victims, and can create space for love.  That they can allow for the ebb and flow, emotionally, in a healthy way that allows their partner to survive and thrive as well.]
  • Or am I giving my energy away too easily, allowing others to be the “energy vampires”?
  • Are you allowing for something to go on too long? [Fleas create cumulative damage if on an animal, if you allow for the “challenge” to remain activated in your life, then you may risk cumulative damage as well; the small things begin to impact in a larger way as they ‘grow’.]
  • Are you running away from a problem, possibly jumping from thing to thing? [Flea’s message is to pay attention, and stop.  They may be pointing out a pattern that you are running that may cause cumulative damage or become dangerous.]


These are just a few of the messages and lessons that Flea offers.  As well, it may be time to do some past life work, or ancestral studies, regarding blood secrets, blood memories, in connection with your family.  Is there a secret to discover that may help you shift your course or give you guidance?  If you’d like a past life session to gain spiritual direction, cut energy cords, to learn more about soul challenges within your dynamic soul group, gain understanding about relationships within your life, or other information and energy that may be impacting your soul studies, contact me to schedule now,  Vicki@WestCoastMedium.com.

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