11 Powerful Activated Manifesting Affirmations!

The reason these Manifesting Affirmations are so powerful is that they have an energy that creates focus and helps attune your frequency to what you really need – high frequency feelings to attract the good vibrations that you wish to create!  This high frequency focus will help you attune your energy vibration of attraction, and to maintain your energy, to create your dreams and desires.

Pick one and use it all day, then pick a separate one, double up, and use it all week!

  1. I see beauty all around me. (Notice something that exudes beauty, and use it as a focus for happiness.)
  2. I am grateful for all that I have today. (Think of all the gifts that you have created!)
  3. I am happy for _________!  (Pick something that really connects you to your joy; person, place or thing!)
  4. I am open to receive from the universe.  (Choose to create a random act of kindness, and flow the positive energy out to another without any expectations.)
  5. I embrace miracles in my life.  (Remember an occurrence and how fabulous it felt.  Allow it to remind you to trust that everything always works out; that you are supported.)
  6. Miracles happen all around me.  (Think of other miracles that may have happened to others, and embrace the trust in the universal flow that answers all needs and wants as we ask.)
  7. I trust that I am supported. (Think of an incidence that made you feel supported.  It could be someone offering words of advice, or buying you a coffee, and paying it forward.)
  8. I am strong!  (Remember a time that you felt strong, and allow yourself to hold the feeling within.)
  9. I am learning. (Think of an experience that you learned something valuable from, and feel thankful for the information, and the clarity that it brought.)
  10. I surround myself with love. (See examples, and allow the feeling to be pulled into your soul-body.)
  11. I flow love out to the world. (Pick someone or something to flow love to, and allow yourself to feel the flow through your body.)

Wishing You Peace, Health & Happiness,

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