Crystal Personality Chakra Chart

Quartz – Crown Chakra – Pisces/Water – For those who are attuned to an amplified Spiritual connection, this soul is outspoken without using any words. Musical and artistic, they may sometimes present their own biggest challenges. For those who are clear about career & love, or for those who want to create it, Quartz supports healthy connection and relationships beyond the self.


Amethyst – Third Eye Chakra – Aquarius/Air– Innovative & Creative, these souls can be a bit “other worldly”.  Intelligent beyond the norm, and intellectually astute, they strive to attain a Spiritual attunement to higher realms.  Attuned to frequencies beyond this dimension, this stone may aid in communications dimensionally. This stone can also be a sleep aid.

Aquamarine, Blue Calcite or Snowflake Obsidian – Throat Chakra  – Gemini/Air or Libra/Air – Peaceful & Calming, these souls are able to feel energy, and are therefore careful with their words.  Kind and compassionate, they love to laugh, and tend to see the positive and the beautiful.  This crystal may help reduce phobias, temper alcohol use/abuse, and aid in communications.

Fluorite – Heart Chakra – Cancer/Water or Scorpio/Water – Healing, sensitive souls are attracted to Fluorite, and often use this crystal to help support studies of self-trust, self-love, and soul studies that include an emotional reconnection.  Over-giving can be a challenge with these big hearted souls.  This crystal can aid in the release of trust issues, healthy boundaries, and support self-trust & self-support.  It may also aid in circulatory health.

Citrine – Solar Plexus – Aries/Fire or Sagittarius/Fire – Souls who are confident in themselves are drawn to this stone, as well as those who love abundance and create it easily.  Citrine releases self-judgment; aids in self-esteem & emotional connection, and may help with financial flow.  It is a great aid for those who need to reconnect with their emotions as their guidance system.

Carnelian – Sacral Chakra –  Leo/Fire or Capricorn/Earth – Balanced Energy people, who are super busy, love this stone.  This is the stone of those who multi-task and want to stand in leadership positions – or for those who want to acquire these traits and abilities.  Carnelian supports unconditional Love of self, creativity, and helps to attract & create true Love.  This stone can also act as a digestive aid.

Obsidian, Rose Quartz, Apache Tear – Root Chakra – Taurus/Earth or Virgo/Earth – Those who are Safety & Protection conscious are attracted to these stones of the guardians.  These are perfect stones for those in jobs that require protection, or for those that work at protecting others; police, fire, etc.  Those of strong character are naturally drawn to these stones.  Stones of protection and financial Support, they may aid in releasing, and protecting against, negativity.





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