How to use the energy of the Solar Eclipse

First, fun fact – the reason this eclipse is so different is that it’s the first total solar eclipse in 99 years to traverse the skies of the US, from coast to coast – the first to be able to be seen by the lower 48 states in 38 years!  Rare!

This offers energy that will help accelerate the shift in our bodies our minds, and our souls, and will have an effect on the animals and plant life on the planet worldwide.  So how do we make the best use of this energy?  Below are a series of helpful suggestions, both concerning what is activated, understanding it and the symptoms related, and then some clearing suggestions and links for deep clearing support, and to help you align with your new beginnings!

  • New beginnings, and a shift in consciousness within the mind will be activated; this includes thoughts, beliefs and then in actions. Take 5 – 10 minutes each day to meditate, once in the morning to ask for any guidance, and then in the evening to clear (here’s a link for a clearing meditation download: )
  • Transitions will be activated. So, if you are ending a career, making a change in your job, or ending a relationship, this energy will help you support what you feel deep in your heart that you need to do to move forward in your life.  It will help strengthen you, taking the sting of fear out of the change.  Do the exercise here to gain insight:
  • Balance will be activated. Native American’s believed that the eclipse would bring a return to balance and order here on the planet, which would affect all peoples and animals, as well as growth cycles, and natural energies.  Some ancient peoples considered the eclipse a bearer of messages regarding the people or their lives, and foretold of a future event that may be in line with a warning; meaning it was time to shift directions!  Ask yourself, what areas of my life are out of balance, and need to shift?  Do I believe that I can shift them?  Do I believe that I have enough time?  Access this tool – 10 Beliefs to Check and Install a New MindSet:
  • Physical Body Healing & Release will be activated. Despite the thought that eclipses can’t possibly have any physical effect on humans, the fact that they can affect physical objects, altering their motion and or movement here on the planet, (like pendulums of clocks and other devices, swinging faster and changing amplitude in the Allais effect), is proof that they are very much capable of creating a physical force.  And, since we are highly effected by the energy of magnetic fields, like those that are tangible during a Full Moon, I see lots of effects both physical, mental, and emotional, all related to the energetic force of the eclipse.  So, get up and move!!!  Physical clearing can be aided when you are moving, as it helps to open up the energy centers; the chakras.
  • Clearing Support regarding stress & sleep. The energy is real, and can affect sleep, mood, and how we deal with daily stress.

To help yourself (and by virtue of that, helping others) through this energy experience, do a complete body clearing to relax your mind, body and soul (see the link below).  Do deep breathing exercises throughout the day and evening – and if you are still feeling the effects, continue beyond that time, until you have neutralized the energy.

To relieve any emotional upset, or to help with sleep challenges, go here to download a deep clearing meditation:

  • Clearing support regarding fear & emotional blocks. Because the energy of the eclipse is supporting new beginnings, you may have memories or experiences come up that were forgotten, or that have not been resolved.  This is a great tool to help you with that very challenge:  Grab a piece of paper, and….Continue Reading:

Just remember that as you are releasing energy of past pain, you may also experience physical challenges as a result of your body trying to “talk” to you.  Listen to what your body is saying.  Further use the energy of this eclipse to support healing and release of hidden stuck energy.  Use these links and tools to make the best of the energy of the eclipse!

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