Give yourself a second youth!

Yes, you can!

And create many other realities that seem miraculous too!  See 10 Tips for Belief below

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So much research is being done, and so much information gained, regarding the function of the brain and our physiology, in regard to our choice of energy input.  And yes, there are seemingly miraculous cures that occur, and miraculous help that appears, and miraculous answers to our challenges.  It’s all based on your unique souls understanding of its own ability to use energy within the soul plan that you constructed.  But more importantly, it’s also affected by your belief in your abilities, in conjunction with belief that you have support here energetically and spiritually.

Everyone’s abilities differ.  As you explore yours, understand that energy is malleable, mutable and therefore changeable!  This is

Here are 10 Beliefs to embrace, that will help you use your unique energy:

  1. Energy is malleable, mutable, and therefore, changeable!  Embrace this and “know” it, believe it, like you know (and don’t question) the color of your eyes, or hair.  Look for proof, and practice this belief by repeating this affirmation, and supporting it with the proof:  I can change all energy.
  2. Energy, good or bad, is a vibration that is created by thoughts, things, circumstances, places, and or people, and may have been brought forth with you into this lifetime from the past.  Allow for this, and don’t “blame” – in blaming, you give your power away.
  3.  These vibrations can be held in your body, mind, soul, or energy bodies (Chakra’s, Auras, etc.) but can only be allowed by you!  No one else is responsible for keeping them in place, no matter how they were created.
  4. Finding what is keeping them in place is the only way to fully release them (my belief, based on thousands of cases, and corroborated by those who tried to make changes without finding and or releasing origins.)  After years of effort, they stumble into my office, and begin to have success.
  5. EVERY CELL IN YOUR BODY is wired to perform perfectly, and wants to function in a healthy way; it is their default setting.  Again, know this like you know your skin heals when you cut it.
  6. There is a MASTER CELL in the front part of your brain (Pineal gland) that is helping you to create frequency of realities in your life – including beliefs about AGING!  This is energy that is created for your benefit, and in conjunction with your soul’s objectives.  You can change this too by learning more quickly.
  7. You can reject any belief that is negative or does not resonate with you and your soul plan.  (I started doing this at a very early age, 12, much to the chagrin of my parents!)  It is your choice.
  8. You can tap into ABUNDANCE in every way – there is no soul plan that precludes you making a change!  ALL SOUL PLANS ARE CHANGEABLE!
  9. No one is being punished for a past bad deed!  This belief just makes me sad, and doesn’t allow for the bigger picture of all we can accomplish here.  It is a negative energy that either targets yourself and or others, and contributes to the energy of being “stuck”.
  10. WE ARE ALL CONNECTED TO LOVE AND CONNECTED TO EACH OTHER, even our loved ones who have passed, THROUGH DIVINE SOURCE ENERGY.  We all deserve love and it is here for each one of us in a multitude of ways, but you must let it in, and love yourself first.  That is why a cell from a live beating heart can be thousands of miles away from the actual heart, and still register a reaction to a trauma, or incident in testing; it’s why it still beats at the exact same time and in the same rhythm.  Yes, another of my fabulous reference studies (that is fairly well known).  It’s why when we think of another, often they call.  It’s why when we connect with a loved one in a dream, it feels real – because it is.  We can transcend time and space with our energy, projecting out beyond where we are.  So, believe it!

So, I hope this helps you understand and create a second youth, a second chance to experience all the joy that is there for you!  I hope that these couple of tips help you on your journey!

To learn more about your unique soul plan, please come have a soul reading!  This is a great way to gift yourself and to find your purpose here!





Wishing You Peace, Health & Happiness,

Vicki Murphy, BFA, RMPT, IEP

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