Ant Spirit Animal Message

Ant Spirit Animal Message

Another one of our spirit animals that is diminutive in size, is the Ant.  Their message is full of guidance and meaningful purpose!

Ant can bring messages of patience and awareness, regarding your community; spiritual, educational, family, or any group that you belong to.  Pay attention to the way that it is structured, organized, and/or working.  See the series of questions and areas of soul study that they pertain to below…

In regard to messages regarding groups and community, ask yourself these questions (but don’t miss the other parts of Ants message which follows!)  This may indicate that Ant has come into your life to shine a light on a community or group and your interaction within the group, and a lesson within this interaction.

  • Is it a positive and productive use of your time and energy? If not, why are you staying?
  • Is it positive in structure, and helping everyone to accomplish what is needed for survival? If not, are you able to speak up for the group; able to help make it better?
  • What about “thrival”? Is it serving a greater purpose in your life, and in the lives of others, or creating negative energy?  Are you exercising healthy boundaries?  Are you being focused on your objectives, or caught in a non-productive cycle?  (Root and Sacral Chakra)

In regard to messages regarding your contribution to the group, ask yourself:

  • Am I making the most of my gifts within the group? Within my family?  At work?  Do I value myself?  (Sacral Chakra)
  • Am I allowing help from others? This will help you create your objectives more quickly and easily, and avoid feeling overwhelmed, and create better balance in your life.  You may be experiencing a challenge regarding a soul study in “Trust”.  Do you trust others?  Yourself? (Heart chakra)
  • Am I judging my gifts or contribution in a negative way? A study of self-worth, value and/or unconditional self-love. (Sacral Chakra)
  • Do you work well with others; are you a team player?
  • Do you have challenges with authority: Group leaders and leadership is necessary for organizing efforts to achieve a common goal.  This is not to say that poor leadership is to be tolerated!  It’s important to achieve a working coexistence, that allows peace.  And sometimes this requires some self-sacrifice for the greater good of the whole group.  Again, this doesn’t mean putting up with abuse, or negativity, to the point that you’re subjugating yourself, or in any other way participating in a way that is unhealthy.

To determine if your message is about patience, ask these questions:

  • Are you rushing to get something done, risking that the outcome will be substandard? Ant may deliver a sting to wake you up, and make you pay attention.  Mistakes and chaos are often a result of rushing.  Ant may be calling you back to conscious awareness of your beliefs.  Do you believe that, “Everything always works out”, or “Everything comes to s/he who waits!”?
  • Are you fearful of lack of time, materials, or resources? Remember that rushing is coming from a place of lack; fear of not enough time, or lack in some other way.
  • Are you taking the time to build a strong foundation for whatever you want to accomplish?
  • Are you taking the time to determine what is needed in the future, and to plan accordingly?
  • Are you being persistent especially when you are running into challenges?
  • Do you have a positive attitude?
  • And when you are pressured due to lack of time, are you in touch and trusting of your intuitive ability to make a choice? Are you able to listen to your inner voice?
  • How might you have contributed to the creation of “lack of time”? Pay attention to what happens when you are in a rushed situation; what are your thoughts, and what were they leading up to the situation?

Ant shows us how working together can create a strength, that allows even the smallest of creatures to achieve great things.  However, this takes patience, which is one of the biggest messages that Ant brings.  Ant teaches to prepare for all situations; to have healthy boundaries and self-love, and to work on trust, which is necessary in order to work successfully in a group.  This may be a message related to your soul study, the root chakra energy, of safety, security and support; support of the self, or support of others, and or allowing for the support of universal energy flow, or the Heart Chakra studies of trust, or the Sacral Chakra studies in value, worth and self-love.  The proof that you can trust, love yourself unconditionally (and love others) and or that you are safe, can show up spiritually, miraculously, through others, and or through your own experiences by yourself.  Through all of these messages, this community of tiny workers illustrates organized diligence, conviction, and teaches us how to work with others to create great strength of will.  This is guidance to help us create all that we dream and desire by allowing that you have choices and the willpower necessary to orchestrate wise actions.  See all my posts on Facebook at:]







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