5 Methods to Cut Cords

5 Methods to Cut Cords of Low Frequency or Negative Energy
What is a cord?
How do I know if I am corded, and how can I tell if I need a cord cutting?
Am I detaching or leaving when I cut cords?
How do I do it?What is a Cord?

Cords are unseen energy tethers that connect you to another human, pet or an object. Energy cords can be healthy, or unhealthy. For example, when we experience love, we are “corded”, and if it is a healthy love attachment, then the tethers of energy are considered healthy, and the energy will be reflected as light, bright, often white, and shimmery and or vibrant. However, if the love is of an addictive nature, then the cords are unhealthy, and may be seen as dark, dense, thick, and or otherwise unhealthy. These cords often represent the fear or the negative attachment or entanglement, that we have developed within that relationship to the other person or sometimes to an object. And remember, cords represent a “flow” and the flow moves back and forth between two (or sometimes more) souls. So the cord cutting must be completed in a way that acts to release from all parties. (See below for “How to Cut Cords”.)

Are you “Leaving” when cutting cords?

When you cut these cords, you do not necessarily leave or completely detach from the person or object, but rather are detaching from the aspect of negative energy that is “corded”. This can be used to establish a healthier energy flow within the relationship. For example, unhealthy cords can develop within families, or with friends, colleagues, and even pets. So, if your pet is having separation anxiety issues, or if you have an ex-lover, friend, or family member, who is experiencing “neediness”, they may be corded to you in an unhealthy way. They may be creating low energy within you, creating draining energy vibrational feelings of guilt, sadness, etc. without realizing it. And this can create feelings of resentment. Feelings of guilt, resentment or sadness, can be alleviated by a cord cutting, and can promote a healthier relationship and energy between you and the person or pet.

How do you know if you need a cord cutting?

Entanglements, and the cords that are associated with them, often “bleed” your energy and can create symptoms of low energy. If you are experiencing symptoms of low energy, anxiety, guilt, or resentment, or if you are feeling tiredness, foggy thinking, sadness and lack of focus or drive, and in extreme cases, illness, you would be a candidate for cord cutting.
In cutting a cord, you are actually “energetically” modeling “good” healthy boundaries for those who are in the “entanglement energy”. Our animals are sensitive and can learn from this easily. Our friends, family members and others can also “learn” from this modeled energy, even without realizing it.
The energy action of “cord cutting” is not about cutting to detach! It is about redirecting the energy flow so that it is healthier. So cutting a cord is not about abandoning the person, although it can help with detaching from a person who is not a good energy match for you as well. It is about detaching from the negative energy and allowing the positive flow to be re-established; one that feeds your body, mind and soul, and is beneficial to all within the connection or relationship. Everyone forms cords of energetic attachment to those they are in relationship with; family member, pets, co-workers, lovers, friends, etc. However, there are some “Healer- Nurturer” energy types that form “low frequency” cords more so than the rest, and that is due to their soul’s path and plan to help others heal. This is a subset, or group that should perform cord cutting on a daily basis.

How to cut cords:

It’s important to begin with a sacred or clear space, one in which you will not be disturbed for 20 – 30 minutes or more. To clear and bless your space, set an intention and imagine using either white light energy to fill and clear the space, or use and burn sage or Angel Wood to bless the space. Make sure you clear and bless any tools that you are using, such as crystals, as well. Prior to beginning, ground yourself, and set an intention to “cut cords” of energy that are no longer serving your greatest good, or the greatest good of those whom you are “corded” to and wish to clear. It’s important to establish integrity, and to state that you are taking actions that are beneficial for all souls involved in this process. Now you are ready to begin.

Crystal Wand
This method is one that I use often, and you can do it two ways. You may use an actual crystal wand or you can charge your left (or non-dominant) hand, and use it as if it were a crystal sword.
Take your crystal wand (I have 2 that I love, one is Selenite, a salt based crystal, and the other is Fluorite, calcium fluoride, a halide based crystal), or imagine the non-dominant hand as a crystal sword, and infuse or charge it by clearing and blessing the crystal. Then set an intention that it be used for the purpose of a “healing-cord-cutting”. Always ask for help from your angels, guides and Universal source energy to help you cut and release energy cords that are not for your greatest good. You can do a body scan to feel or discern where the energy of a cord may be connected, or you can do an entire body-cord-cutting.
First, imagine having the person, pet or object that you want to “cut cords” with, in front of you.
Start at the top of your head, where your Crown chakra is, and move gently downward. Pass the wand in front of the body all the way down to the toes to cut the cords that may be attached.
Repeat this three times.
Now, imagine moving to the person, pet or object in front of you, and sweep the wand down in front of their body, head to toe. Imagine cutting all the cords of low frequency energy that are attaching you.
To compete the process, imagine a beam of light coming down from above and sealing in all of the healing energy of positive connection; positive flow that you have just re-established. See the energy forming a bubble around you, flowing under your feet, and around your body, and then leaving a small opening right above your head for spiritual connection. Do this to the pet or person in front of you as well, being careful to see the bubbles as separate.

Cleanse and prepare the pendulum as in step 1 above. Gently holding your pendulum without moving it, and while your elbow is stabilized, ask the pendulum to show you a “yes” if it is ready to “cut cords” with you. If it is ready and gives you a positive answer, then proceed. If not, you may clear further, and set intentions, or switch to another cord cutting method. Ask the pendulum to help you by establishing the flow of energy direction of the chakras (some people’s energy flows clockwise, and some counter-clockwise.) Then ask the pendulum to establish a “cutting” direction (and it will show you either clockwise rotation or counter clockwise rotation.) Use the “cutting” rotation to cut cords, and then use the opposite rotation to heal and seal the chakra energy after cutting the cords.

Archangel Michael

Within a sacred space, connect to your Angelic Realm and ask for Archangel Michael to come forth to help you “cut cords”. Feel free to use your Advanced Reiki Symbol for distance healing to connect with Archangel Michael if you are a practitioner. Imagine the person, pet or object in front of you. Now, imagine Archangel Michael employing a “vacuum” like hose to sweep your body clean of all cords. See the vacuum moving from the top of your head to your toes, and clearing all cords 3 times. Then imagine seeing the process repeated with the soul in front of you. Archangel Michael will cut and clear all cords and then help you to seal in the healing, healthy flow of the energy within your body and the body of the person in front of you. You can also ask for help from your Guardian Angel, other Archangels that you are aligned with.


Meditate and imagine connecting to your higher-self. Imagine a beautiful orb of white light energy hovering over your head, and pull the energy into your body to connect with your higher self. Or you can imagine stepping outside of yourself and facing yourself to connect. These are two methods that I use with clients that are effective. Now imagine calling the higher self of the other person into a full length mirror in front of you. Tell the higher-self of the person that you would like to have a healthy energy flow with them. Ask them to forgive you for any past pain or hurt that you may have caused them. Apologize for that or any other misunderstandings that you may have had. Then, with the help of your Angels, imagine sweeping your aura’s (the energy field around your body), and clearing the aura of any corded energy. See the cords snapping away and disconnecting as you sweep from head to toe. You may also imagine having them either sweep their energy field/aura, and or pulling the cords out to cut them with a golden pair of shears. After you have cut the cords, using white light, imagine flowing the light around and through your energy field to heal and seal in the healthy flow that has been re-established. Then imagine the cords that have been disposed of receiving the beam of white light, like a laser, and see them becoming ash and disappearing. Or you may use a violet “flame” and place the cords into the flame of violet light. See the cords being consumed by the violet light of the energy, disappearing.


For Reiki Practitioners, scan your chakras from crown to root, and locate any cords. This can feel like a thick energy, or a cold or hot spot, or you may feel a specific tingling. Remember to set your intention that you feel the energy of the cords prior to scanning. Using your Advanced Distance Symbol, connect to the person, pet or object that you want to cut cords with and imagine them in front of you. Set the intention that the cords be cut for the highest and greatest good of both parties. Again, you can imagine a golden pair of shears cutting the cords of low frequency energy between you both. Bless the cutting and the soul before you. See the cords snap and release, and as they fall to the ground, imagine a beam of white laser light disappearing them, or see them falling into a light purple, or violet flame. Continue after the cord cutting, by using the symbol for healing on both you and the soul you have cut cords with, and imagine sealing the re-established flow of healthy energy. Do this for you first, and then for the other person, keeping each “bubble” of energy for sealing, separate.
Note- Cutting or pulling cords doesn’t mean break-up or detachment.
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