What is Apporting?


What is Apporting? Why am I asking? Because recently one of my beautiful clients experienced this. Her keys disappeared – almost before her very eyes. They were in her purse where she actually just saw them, and then they were gone. After having lots of help to look everywhere in her office, car and all other places, she still couldn’t locate them. Then, after leaving the space and coming back, frustrated and exhausted, her keys “fell” to the floor, seemingly from “no where”.

The disappearance and reappearance of a physical object is called Apporting.

Apporting is done by Spirits, and to Apport a physical object is challenging in our lower slower vibrational state. To make an object disappear and then reappear in this dimension takes quite a bit of energy. And usually it’s done with very small Objects like Pennies, and small Rocks, or Glass Beads materializing randomly.

During a seance, Apportings happen more often because everyone is joined energetically and is helping to support the frequency shift that is required to make an object “switch material frequencies” to accomplish the dissolution and then reappearance of an object.

WHY would this happen?

Spiritually we are always supported to achieve all that our souls have come forth to accomplish. Often we are “stopped” in our tracks, or “distracted” in this way when we are either on a “wrong thought or action path”; one that will not serve us. With keys it can happen to keep you safety out of the way of an impending accident, or to keep you from driving when too tired or upset. I will not reveal what was going on, but all of these were in effect that day.

Pennies from heaven are often an Apporting, a symbolic gesture to let you know that your loved one is watching over you and helping you along your path. They may use a penny to get your attention. So, if you are seeing a lot of pennies, stop and ask yourself what your thoughts were in that moment. Were you focused on a positive or negative.

If positive, they may be offering encouragement and “joining in” with you energetically; celebrating, and or even “feeding you the thought”.

If negative, then your loved ones and Angels may be helping you to see a pattern that is not helping you here as you wade through your karmic challenges. It is so important to “mind your power” here. Your thoughts are energy, as is your body, and so they can either support your body or “attack” your body if they hold the low frequency of fear or worry. Shifting this is what I help my clients do – so reach out if you need help.

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