DNA Gender Change – Is It Possible?


Can our DNA shift to the point that we could actually change gender? This question was posed to me recently from an international client.

Before I share my channeled response, I want to remind you to use this information for manifesting purposes. I will translate and create a relevant message that illustrates how to do this below my shared response to the question…

First, here’s my response to the question …

Great question. Here’s what I’m getting.

A few main points our coming up…. before I get to the heart of the matter regarding the ability to become transgender by activating frequency that effects the cellular biology… And the reason is, there are other possible factors that may be affecting the reason behind your soul plan; the reason for coming forth in a male body with more predominant female energy.

On occasion a soul comes back to explore “male” energy essence, such as in the case where you may have had a past life as a female and perceived/experienced that males (in that life time) appeared to have more freedom, or were able to “do” something that women were not able to “do”.

Here is a possible example. In a past life, possibly as a female, you may have been “subjugated/kept submissive” by a male and felt that if you were male you may have more autonomy or freedom, you may have opted in as male to have more freedom or to explore things that you perceived you “couldn’t have” as a female life form.

However, if more lifetimes have been spent as female (or for other various reasons), the energy of female may be predominant, despite being in a male body.

Another point that is being brought to my attention is that as a part of your soul plan, you chose to come forth to bring greater awareness to the expansion/expansiveness of what truly makes us human – and it is varying degrees of gender, not just 2; not just female and/or male.

There are tribes that have multiple gender assignments and roles that exist and are more accurate in the assigning of roles that fit each person (vs. MM, MF, FM, FF) are a couple of examples.

There are other aspects at play, and all is unique to you and what your soul plan objectives may be. A comprehensive reading which would include looking at influencing factors (like past lives) would help clarify. I never tell anyone to get a reading, nor do I suggest that they come back after having one. It is up to the individual to seek. And to allow for information to be internalized.

Now on to the big question. Depending on the above, and your souls objectives, of course, which will affect the answer, here is what I am getting … and what I believe from practicing energy medicine over the last 20 years.

Whether or not an applied frequency of clearing and or other applications can elicit a change within the human body, to the degree that is desired, is something that I believe is possible, but has not been done yet to my knowledge. Just like when I apply a frequency to cells (molecules that make up the cells, to create healing, they create results at a physical level; shrinking of tumors, healing of arthritis, healing of injuries (to the point that a surgery that was suggested was no longer needed – doctor corroborated).

And that is why I believe that if we can transcend our beliefs regarding the physical and potential physical possibilities, we can create beyond what is known.

Now, to apply this to manifesting …

Our DNA is energy frequency, coded to help us create ourselves in the way that best serves our soul plan; it helps us show up here as female, male, happy, sad, short, tall, white, blue, etc. All of these aspects factor in and influence our soul’s growth plan.

So, it’s important to realize that we can shift the energy of our DNA (energy strands coded with info), as a way of healing our spirit and soul (energetic and emotional frequencies coded into a physical body), which in turn heals our body (holds the frequencies of activation [positive and negative] around our energetic/emotional coding) – and I’m simplifying for our purposes – but you get it.

This helps us manifest more of what we want – so in manifesting, often and especially if you are manifesting something “big” like overcoming a very old pattern of thought/belief/action – we are shifting our DNA. We are actually changing the energy of our body, mind and soul.


Think about a shift that you may have made in your life regarding an old pattern or way of being. See if you can “remember” how you felt before? Can you? Or is it faded, or non-existent? This is because it does not hold frequency within your body in the same way or to the same degree. AND it will not be passed down in your lineage – which consists of more than you having a child – it is your Master Soul Group lineage, which includes friends who are traveling with you and studying some of the same things. We are all connected. We are all one, and so they are benefiting from your shift in DNA.

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