What is dimensional biofeedback?

biofeedback-image-jpg-310-x-310Biofeedback, the Law of Attraction & How do we do use it dimensionally?

First let’s explore what biofeedback in this dimension is.  Biofeedback is the process of gaining awareness and control over our body’s functions.  In order to do this, we need to increase conscious awareness of what the body is doing.  This can be achieved either on our own, using the body, mind and soul, (like when we feel our heart race, or we begin to feel symptoms of anxiety) or with technology (like blood pressure machines, etc.)  These “tells” must be in place so that we can measure our effectiveness in learning to control the body’s responsive systems.  All of this is about energy and vibrational frequency, either being allowed, or being subverted for a purpose.  

Using brainwaves as an example, we know that through suggestion, hypnotherapy, sleep, music vibrations, etc. that the brainwaves may be altered.  Therefore, we know that brainwaves can be affected either positively or negatively by what energy we choose to run through our bodies.  It has been substantiated scientifically (and so, even without the machines attached to measure effectiveness of any given method, the fact is that alteration occurs – change occurs).  When working with biofeedback techniques, we alter our energy through multiple techniques to allow the brainwaves to be affected in a positive way.  We may want to use this to help us create sleep or relaxation.   In this same way, muscles, and muscle tone, temperature, blood pressure, and headaches, can also be affected and altered by biofeedback techniques.

When we master this, we can then create better health and wellbeing in all areas of our lives.  And the reason that this can be used to affect all areas in our lives, all that we create, is because we are adjusting our frequency to a higher, healthier, and happier frequency (or working toward that).  It allows the law of attraction to be at work; that we then attract those experiences (people, places and things) from a higher, happier level of vibrational energy.  And like attracts like.  Biofeedback helps us alter our frequency within the body.  Again, we are a molecular structure that has a frequency.  So all of this affects the energy of the cells within all aspects of the body; we are always a “tool” for attraction – it’s just that we get to choose if we attract the good or not so good.

Dimensional biofeedback is strictly using the body as a tool of measurement (not machines), and gaining awareness over the body’s functions, so that we can determine effectiveness (or determine symptoms in the first place).  Symptoms may have a dimensional origin in a past life, or in the past in this lifetime, in our youth.  

So Dimensional Biofeedback allows us to gain awareness of, and access, a different dimensional time and space other than the moment that we are currently occupying, in order to learn to control a symptomatic response felt within the body; one that is creating a physical measurable symptom in this current lifetime.   

The symptoms may be happening in this body in this moment, or they may simply be contributing to our ability or inability to perform some task, or to create something that we desire in this moment, and into the future.  These symptoms become our measure of whether or not the body is performing at optimal ability, and these “tells” then can be used to measure our effectiveness in controlling the responses of the body, mind and soul.  What I like about dimensional biofeedback, is that it goes to the origin of the “thing”; that experience, person, or place, that may be causing the symptoms in this lifetime, and it uses no machines.  It is all based on the energy of the body.  

When we do a past life regression for the purpose of creating and using biofeedback, we actually use the body as a dimensional tool to create a healthier response.  The body, mind and soul, and any physical symptoms are a tool to measure our success.  We find origins of response that are symptomatic in this lifetime, and then create a system of control through biofeedback techniques, while in an altered state or alternative dimensional state.  For example, if we are traveling back to childhood to a point of trauma, we would create a set of tools to address any symptoms that may be associated.  We would practice the biofeedback, or use of these tools to achieve success while in the altered state, and then continue to use them on any symptoms that are associated within our lives in this dimension; in this time and place.  

The beauty is that we are addressing the energy when and where it began.  This, on top of the biofeedback that we can use in this moment, the one that we are currently in, not in the past, is a very powerful tool.  Doubling up, so to speak, allows for a deeper, stronger ability to control the symptoms, which allows us to alter and release the energy both in the past dimension, and in this dimension; we are allowing for new realities to be created.  These new realities get created in the body, altering the frequency state, which then allows for the frequencies that are being emitted to change what is both attracted, and created within the body, and then energetically, outside of the body, in realities.  Hence, a new reality is formed.  As we use biofeedback to create and shift what is, we are creating new thoughts, which create new beliefs, which lead to actions.  

So for example, if we are deeply afraid of speaking publicly, we learn to address the origin, dimensionally, with biofeedback, and begin to release the fear through altering our energetic response to that fear.  We learn to control the response, so that we are controlling the fear and the body’s response to it.  Biofeedback by its very nature is creating a variance in realities; it is changing the state of being in that moment, whether here or in the past.  We then have less symptoms, both in the past or alternative dimension, and in this current state, and can more effectively use biofeedback to further control symptoms in this current life.  This will help us to create a differing reality regarding speaking.   As we progress, and create around speaking in public, many realities are created; we may be more outspoken at work and earn praise or create change; we may more easily talk with others, creating deeper relationships; we may be able to step into a dream of teaching others.  And these are just a few of the possible outcomes of change, and that’s just regarding one symptom; fear of speaking publicly.

This can be applied to headaches, sweating, and any number of symptoms within the physical, mental and emotional aspects of the body.

The variations of this type of work, and abilities to create, are enormous.  We are limitless within this ability.  Dimensional biofeedback is a fabulous tool to shift energy around areas that seem to be “stuck” in this dimension; within this lifetime.  If you would like to experience an Energetic and Dimensional Biofeedback session, contact me: Vicki@WestCoastMedium.com

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