Walk-Ins and Sugar Cravings

Walk-In Energy

A walk-in or soul exchange is not a possession, and is done with both soul’s permission.  It is another “tool” for growth in this physical dimension, to help a soul complete a part of their learning and growth (which they otherwise may not be able to do without the assistance of the other soul). And there are different types of contracts and soul exchange situations, and they can happen more than one time in a lifetime [creating a multiple soul exchange situation, within one lifetime].

A “soul exchange” is the process of the soul “changing” energies when allowing a “walk-in” to “come in” to the physical.  A soul exchange can happen for a variety of reasons, but all are set up to help a soul complete a karmic challenge (both for the individual soul’s purpose, and/or for the soul group’s purpose). Families are a soul group, and at large, the entire world population is a larger soul group, with many subgroups (like families) in between; city groups, country groups, religious groups, etc.

A walk-in can help with the clearing and release of karmic patterns left uncompleted by the “former soul” if the “former soul” is having a particularly challenging time completing. And the -“walk-in” can be temporary, or may remain for the rest of the physical existence. [Or they can further exchange with other soul’s to create a multiple soul exchange situation, as mentioned above in the first paragraph – all for the greatest good of the soul.]


An example of this would be if a soul is contemplating suicide.  A soul exchange may be a better solution, and agreed upon, to allow a perfectly good body be used to continue the ‘soul group’s’ mission, through the soul’s journey of growth.  As I have mentioned, we are all connected, and we are all helping each other grow through the placement of karmic challenges. So, if a soul wants to leave, it may not benefit the entire group.  This is one of the ways that a walk-in soul can benefit a soul/soul group, by coming forth to help to complete the soul groups mission – without the loss of a body through suicide (which ultimately wouldn’t allow the soul to complete its work).

There is always compatibility in the missions of the two souls (or it wouldn’t work).  And often, when this occurs, the soul family group may realize that the person has changed; has become more positive.  This is a symptom of a soul exchange or walk in energy.  Again, this energy is there to help the soul/soul group overcome some of their karmic challenge that seems too difficult to complete alone.

About Sugar and Cravings

When integrating into a new body, the walk-in soul can experience challenges connecting, and will have an adjustment period.  They may have difficulty connecting to the family, and the physical body frequency has to adjust to the higher frequency of the walk-in.  In particular this happens if the “new soul” is a galactic starseed soul energy type. This can create headaches, sugar cravings, and other symptoms, as the soul tries to acclimate to this body, in this dimension (a lower, slower vibration that the one that they are/were used to).

However, not all of these symptoms mean that you have a walk-in, as the same symptoms can be felt and experienced from our soul’s regular evolution and growth.  As we grow and evolve, and shift frequency, healing and releasing, we may have some of the same discomfort and symptoms (including headaches and sugar cravings, as well as fatigue) as our frequency shifts to a higher vibration.

Inner child work is an important part of healing the body, mind and soul. And sometimes energy re-integration work is needed to help connect the soul with the electromagnetic grids and nervous system of the “new body”. Often there are “symptoms” of this exchange and change, including cravings for sugar, which support the level of energy needed for such an activity (the vibrational soul exchange process).  Again, I’m not saying that all of us are experiencing a soul exchange or walk-in just because we are craving sugar!  But, sugar, since it does give us a boost of energy, is sometimes “craved” either to help support the energy in this situation, OR in other growth situations, as we level up and help the planet enter the 5th dimension (moving from the 3rd to the 5th is what we are all involved in, and it does take energy).

There are many configurations of soul exchange, including “sharing” with a dimensional soul.  This type of manifestation is called “braiding” (Soul Braid) where a soul is walking along-side of another soul, sometimes stepping into the soul, joining with the current soul’s energy.  The can both be in the body as the same time.  Usually with this type of soul exchange, there is a “monad” energy that acts as the “director” or one who oversees the activities of exchange.

This type of soul sharing with our other soul aspects, including the higher self, is often the case as we evolve and grow, and reach a purer vibration within our physical bodies.  We more easily access the energy of our higher selves, and our dimensional selves, and a blending occurs. The shift is subtle, and doesn’t usually take the same amount of energy, as one soul is not departing the body, and another is not fully taking over, and so therefore does not create an “energy craving” that sugar can fulfill.  So, it doesn’t usually create a sugar craving.

Further, some of these blended energies exist in concurrent dimensions, and allow us a glimpse through time and space, for the purpose of our understanding our soul’s plan.  This can help with growth.

Seeing dimensionally, through “soul-sharing,” can also help us retrieve “soul fragments” that may have occurred during trauma in other incarnations (or in this current one).  Depending on the depth of the separation, this can create a need for more energy, and create a sugar craving.

In Sanskrit this is known as “body change” and in Hindu as “bodhisattva”. The American term for this is “walk-in” or “soul exchange.”  When you realize that this is the very way that the soul has come to be in the body, through the birth process, in the first place, it makes it less weird.  The difference is that when an exchange occurs, it is usually a soul who gets to skip the orientation period of childhood, and jumps into adulthood in order to support, and sometimes “speed up”, the growth process.  It’s a partnership, one that allows the original soul to move on to other non-physical growth experiences. It is only done with permission, and is for the greatest good of all involved.  As well, it usually occurs when a body is unconscious such as during sleep state, a surgery, a near-death experience, a suicide attempt, or an emotional trauma.  This is when an altered state of consciousness occurs, allowing for the process of the exchange.

Symptoms of an exchange may include, but do not always mean there has been an exchange:

  • A complete and opposite change in a person’s demeanor, and attitude; as in the example of a depressed person, suddenly becoming positive and happy.
  • A “loss of time” or memories; especially pertaining to childhood. These may or may not return.
  • Miraculous healings, either physically (like a soul regaining consciousness from a no-conscious state like a coma), or mentally (like the depression example above).
  • Seemingly “Instant” changes in career, religion, relationship/home/love situations, style of dress, way of speaking, walking and/or an instant change in mannerism’s. 
  • A feeling by the soul that family members and friends are unfamiliar, or feeling that you have not changed, but that they have. 
  • People telling you that you are different, and you sense that you are different, but may not be able to define what caused the instant change.

Again, this all happens very quickly, not over time.  And so it takes a lot of energy, and can create a sugar craving – to say the least!  Again, this is not to be feared, but rather a natural progression of the souls growth – no one is hijacking your body without your permission!




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