Unconditional Love

I AM.jpg 313 x 313Unconditional love means without conditions! Take a minute and think about what this means. Imagine loving yourself this way, without conditions. How would it feel? What conditions have you put on yourself? How would it feel if others loved you unconditionally? How would that feel and what would that mean? Put down all judgements and let your body relax. If you could release all judgements of yourself you can release all judgements of others. What would it feel like to love someone else unconditionally? Is there anything that you could let go of? Are there any standards that you can release? This is part of the human condition of learning here so don’t use this information to judge what you /they are doing! Instead just observe it so you can alter your choices. Release, relax and allow yourself to let go of any judgements of self or others. It may take practice! But again, that’s what we are doing when we are repeating patterns – practicing – until we get it right so that we can learn to love ourselves best! And that is the way to peace – inside and out.

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Vicki Murphy, BFA, RMPT, IEP
Intuitive Counselor
Certified Psychic Medium
Reiki Master Healer
Medical Intuitive
Reverend and Spiritual Advisor
Corporate Consultant

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