Tonight-Full Moon- 5 Planets in Retrograde

O.k., Angel messages regarding the 5 planets in retrograde + the full moon tonight!


Planets2013.jpg 340x201Jupiter – 1/7 Personal growth and expansion; may feel like a lack of support from others, but is a way for you to find support and love within (forced growth).  Self-love is the study, and you have to actually do it to experience what it feels like so you can practice it.  This may be the perfect time to go on a solo journey and celebrate your independence, as well as practice your ability to align with your ‘everything always works out’ energy of belief, due to the Mercury retrograde which influences all travel….  Be prepared for the unexpected, as this is a time to practice letting go of control and allowing yourself to be in the ‘flow’.  You will be guided if you allow it.  Set intentions in place that you are guided to the perfect experience of fun for you.

Saturn – 3/25 This planet is about lessons through time and space, having to do with the concept of Karma.  We bring challenges forth from past lives to create different and better outcomes.  Perhaps we were not satisfied with the choices that we made regarding self-love (standing up for yourself and creating healthy boundaries), or felt guilty about some choices that we made regarding another (perhaps you did well and didn’t share with others in the past).  This planet’s retrograde will create an ‘in-your-face’ type of illustration where you may be painfully aware of a choice that has not been for your greatest good, or for the good of another.  Time to create something better!

Mars – 4/17 Ruler of emotions, especially can bring out anger and frustration at this time.  The forced growth is about getting in touch with your emotions, and causally, find what is at the root.  Time to heal for real!  Don’t let negativity ‘drive your bus’!  Take those emotions and use them to grow.  See what is working and what isn’t – time to get truthful with yourself.

Pluto – Dwarf planet – not a planet – 4/18 This is the ruler of love and relationships, and is going to call for you to grow yours.  If you are in one, watch for change and challenge around the truth.  If you are not in one, it is about becoming truthful with yourself about your ideals surrounding what you want.  For friendships, due to all of the alignments/retrogrades happening all at once this will force you to re-evaluate relationships.  Which are healthy and which need to go.

Mercury – 4/28  Communication & Transportation; choose words carefully, or maybe don’t talk at all!  Watch for challenges in travel – again, forced growth in the areas of compassion, forgiveness and patience (which is about trusting that all is well, you are supported by God, the Universal flow, and this can only happen when you learn to trust yourself first – so be there for yourself!).

And of course all of this is amplified by the full moon! Be brave – don’t hide under the covers! You were meant for this physical kind of life – hence the body and all! Yes, break out your sense of humor and grab all of the growth opportunities that this planetary alignment has to offer!

Recommended Ritual: Write down all you’d like to release, set the intention and then safely burn the paper. Then write down all that you wish to bring in, anoint this paper with oil for these intentions, then put it in a safe, sacred place. Stand in gratitude and imagine all of your wishes already created, as if you are standing in your perfect life right now, and feel how it feels. Practice this vibration often!

Since all of this can spark the ‘worries’; you won’t find true love, or the money won’t come, or you won’t get the job, etc., this is the perfect time to practice mindfulness!  You can bring mindfulness to all things whether you are cooking, or coloring, or meditating.  Learn how to do this and how to achieve the focus for this practice with us this Wed. April 28th.  This is the perfect time for our class – (and how did we know that!).  Email me to get in on our special pricing this week.  Buy admission for two for $50, which is $25 each, or if you prefer to come solo, tickets are $35.

Email me to reserve and for directions,, or message me on Facebook,

Take action for yourself during this time!  Make the best of any challenges, and know that it is a time for accelerated growth!  This is also a great time to book a session!

Love and Peace,
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