The purpose of our soul challenges

Karmic challenges.jpg 313 x 313 The purpose of our soul challenges; karmic challenges. Number one, betrayal. What is it, and what is the purpose? I’m sitting in my garden, with my coffee, and writing what was given to me in the wee hours of the morning upon waking. The place between sleep and fully awake is another great state of connection, and often we are gifted with Angelic messages and information at this energetic place. Listen when you are just waking up.

Before we dive in, what is a karmic challenge and how do you identify them?

What is a soul challenge? Usually a soul challenge creates a pattern of behavior in your life, is usually accompanied by some lower emotion (disappointment, fear, sadness, frustration, etc.). It affects our thoughts and beliefs, and then our actions. And by virtue of that, if not identified and rectified, can sometimes create physical symptoms in the body. Before we list examples, I want to talk about why these challenges exist, so when you look at the list, you get a comprehensive picture; an understanding of their purpose; what they are and why they exist.

What is the purpose of having these challenges in place? The purpose behind having a karmic challenge in place is to motivate a change in us; a change in our choices toward growth. The challenge is in choosing a choice that grows us, rather than one that keeps us stuck, continuing to run these same karmic pattern of challenge. These challenges allow us to “feel” our way out of the challenge, and to grow and evolve our soul using the emotions that these challenges evoke within us. So, here are some examples of a soul’s karmic challenges, and the places the energy is usually ‘seen’.

Common Karmic Challenges:

Betrayal (one that we’ll deal with first – seen & felt in the heart chakra, having to do with the study of trust)

Abandonment (often seen in several chakras, Root, Heart, and Sacral; study of trust in yourself, and safety)

Debt/financial challenges (root chakra, having to do with support, by the self and by others)

Ill health, including depression and other emotional and mental health challenges (depending on where it is in the body, having to do with the study of unconditional love and self-worth)

Addiction (Sacral Chakra, having to do with unconditional love and trust of self and others)

Dysfunction within a family (seen in the Root Chakra, Heart, and Meridians; often involves healthy boundaries and unconditional love and trust)

Inability to sustain a relationship or create love (Root Chakra, Sacral, Heart, and having to do with trust/belief in universal support, and supporting yourself); etc.

BUT THERE ARE MORE! There are as many variations as there are souls, and variations within each of the challenges as well. See some of mine below. To further release and clear, use my Angel Clearing for the entire mind, body & soul, both present and past. This is a great general clearing that uses Theta Brain waves. These waves are often engaged when we create the belief energy around the challenges in the first place, and it is necessary to step into the origin-energy of these waves to clear more thoroughly.

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Some of my karmic challenges that I have learned from included miscarriages (sacral chakra, unconditional love challenge), divorce (heart chakra, trust challenge), abuse, both physical and verbal/emotional (sacral chakra, unconditional love of self and boundaries), physical symptoms including an ulcer and grinding my teeth (nurturing the self), plus lower back meridian challenges (support of the self), and I could go on. Each of these served up a gift of information and motivation to change some aspect, thought, belief and then action.

Do you have karmic challenges?

Do you have a recurring physical symptom in a certain area of the body?
Your body is a tool for growth, and is constantly speaking to you; headaches, backaches, stomach aches, joint aches, etc. Each area is related to a different karmic study of the soul’s evolution.

Do you have a lack of love in your life, or a series of broken relationships; attracting the same type over and over again?

Are you unable to sustain a feeling of happiness?
Do you have issues holding a job, or being happy in a job?

Do you suffer from difficulty with money; never enough, or a pattern of gain and loss?

Each of these indicates a specific challenge, and to understand what it is that you need to learn

It was your intention to look at these and to make different choices; to choose to change your thought, belief and then your actions. That is the purpose of these challenges, to offer you an opportunity to grow.
Affirmations: I embrace my challenges. I choose to learn from my challenges. I am strong. I am brave. I am supported by my Angels. I deserve growth and happiness. I can change anything I choose! I am ready, willing and able! Call on Archangel Cassiel, whose name means “speed of God”, for help with particularly difficult soul challenges (often Cassiel comes forth to help orphans, and others who have been abandoned, and/or are feeling hopeless). Or if you are in the midst of change or are asking for a change, call on Archangel Michael, whose name means “who is of God”. He will help you find your way back to connection with your childlike self, who is strong and wants to laugh and play here.
Actions: Take a look at your patterns in all areas of your life. Pick a specific area that you’d like to examine. Write down how many times you’ve run the pattern and see how it may have changed each time. Realize that you need to pat yourself on the back if it has changed significantly over time in a positive direction. Now, write down that you commit to releasing the pattern. Write out how you’d like “it” to look instead. Bless the paper that has the intention of your “future” written on it, and put it in a safe or sacred place. Know that this energy of intention and change will show up in your life. For all energy wants to change, just like the energy of a sprout drives it through the earth toward the sun, we have that same force within us. Allow for germination! With patience! Seek to feed your soul, and stay in a high frequency, not focused on the lack of what you do not have yet. It cannot come to you when you are focused on the fact that it is not here yet!
And when you are really ready to release them, look at the origins,

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I help many release both in this life time, and past lives. Often what comes up is either something long forgotten from childhood, too painful to “look” at, and so the psyche has “stuffed” it deep. Many times, we go beyond this lifetime to “see” the root cause of the challenge in the first place; why we put it in place and what we are to learn from it. It is a powerful way to move forward in your life and to finally create all that you want and deserve here! Call for a session now: (949)677-6314

Many Blessing to you on your journey!
Love and Peace,
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