Ritual of Release

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This is a great way to clear energy and to release stuck energy in the mind, body and soul, even if you don’t “see” that it is there. There is always residual from both this life and the past; both from early childhood collection of data and information here, and from those challenges that we bring forth from past lives for further study and mastery.
Step 1
Take a moment and write down an intention for clearing. Writing it down helps you connect to the energy that is necessary to truly release it. And all things have a vibration. You can use this one, or create your own:
I call on my Spiritual Angelic Realm to help me release all residual low frequency energy from my mind, body and soul. All emotional build up that may be stuck in either my physical or energetic bodies regarding this incident. Much gratitude for your help with this.
Step 2
Take a moment to think about the incident that you want to clear. Be truthful about any energy that is still present within you; guilt, jealousy, blame (or self or another), shame, hurt, anger, fear, etc.
Step 3
Write down all that you’d like to release. You can certainly be experiencing and holding many emotions and feelings all at once, so do write them all down. Remember, when we are clearing the energy that is activated by a person, place or thing, we must look at how that experience made us feel; how it may still be making us feel. There is no “beating” yourself up during this, as that would be counter-productive, activating further low frequency energy. It would be recommended to release that as well, if you have a tendency to be hard on yourself.
Step 4
Say a prayer of release after you finish writing them down. You can use this one, or you can make one up that is more specific:
I ask for your divine help (Angels, and/or God or Spirit) in releasing all frustration in my heart concerning my dreams and desires. I am choosing to trust in divine timing, and trusting that I am being guided through all of these life experiences. I release my grip on ___(list all that you are releasing)___, so that my hands can be open to receive. I allow for all that I am learning here, and make room for the healing energy in this release. I forgive myself and others so that I may be a clear, and a clear creator of new realities. Thank you for supporting me in this release, and for guiding me on this journey. Amen, or So it is

Step 5
In a safe container, burn the energy that you’d like to release. You can repeat the prayer as necessary, until you feel it deep within your soul, that you are committed to creating a new feeling and frequency within. Feel the commitment to self to be a free and clear channel to create and attract all that you desire. Allow for divine timing and guidance.

Love and Peace,

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