Spirit Animal Message of the Dragonfly

As an agent of change and transformation, joy and rebirth, and a symbol that connects us to our loved ones on the other side, the dragonfly reminds us of our adaptability and that life is a process without end; we live on and are able to connect spiritually beyond this dimension.  Dragonfly also brings a message to be aware and choose to bring more lightheartedness into your current situation.  Bring in Joy!  If Dragonfly is showing up today, it is a reminder that your emotions are in place to guide you to your truth so that you can stand in your gifted purpose and shine, and to look beyond your situation to allow for your own strength – in so many ways!  To understand Dragonfly’s message of change you must allow for some quiet time, best done while in nature.   It is said that if Dragonfly lands on you the change may be perceived as positive – but the truth is that all change is positive!  The dragonfly, here for only a short time in our dimension, is a reminder to live each moment to the fullest; don’t hold back due to fears!

Ask yourself these questions to see what message Dragonfly has for you:

Are you able to allow for others’ progress?   This is directly related to your own study of safety and security (root chakra) and may be an indication that you fear their changes; they may outgrow you.

Are you able to allow for your own progress?  This is related to the study of unconditional self-love, the sacral chakra.  This is a part of your creative process – but are you embracing it as such?

Are you allowing your fears to stop you?  Use this dimension, and your time in the physical, wisely!

Are you too hard on yourself?  Are you judging yourself or others?

Do you believe that you can overcome anything?  Are you tapping into your adaptability?

Are you directing your thoughts to things that bring you joy?  Are you heavy in what you bring to the conversation – complaining?  Or are you the light that you came here to be, supporting others?  Dragonfly is showing you the way; keep your thoughts positive even in the darkest of times, for that is a choice and the only way to overcome obstacles; to get to the other side with greater ease.  But it is a choice.

Are you connecting with nature in a way that feeds your soul?  It is time to awaken the enchanting spirit of your own nature.  Your elemental body may need to be connected to the fairy energy of trees, and the outdoors.  If you are not getting enough sunlight, or connecting in this way, the message is sent to remind you that your health may be affected by this lack.  And the vibrations of nature support your natural growth abilities; your ability to change and adapt.

Are you evolving?  Dragonflies begin in water, and then evolve to their greatest state of being; a winged beauty with the freedom to fly!

Are you being given a message about being a Spiritual Warrior as you face your challenges?  Do you need to adapt, or evolve or change some way of being in order to overcome them?  Ask Dragonfly to show you the way – to bring you the necessary strength.

Are you seeing through any illusions as you journey?  Stay authentic and truthful with yourself and with others!  Don’t be deceived into doing otherwise.

Enjoy the magic of Dragonfly as she flies into your life path!  She is a beautiful and magical Animal Spirit full of messages for strength and wisdom.

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