Past lives may affect current life choices

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Looking at our Past Lives allows us to see why we may have made choices in this lifetime to live through certain experiences; why did we come back as male or female?  What is the grand purpose of living through and studying lack of trust or lack of Love?
Here’s an abbreviated example regarding a study of lack of Trust/Love through Abandonment.   In a recent case of a female client, who was having difficulty creating a love relationship, and who had some physical symptoms of asthma and low back pain, we discovered a female past lifetime of repression.  A male father figure, who had no wife, needed help running the farm, which was isolated on top of a mountain in Europe.  He kept her, his daughter, there hard at work.  He was miserable and unable to show love to her as he did not love himself.  Through both parents she experienced abandonment, lack of love, and lack of trust; both physically and emotionally (the father’s emotional unavailability and the mother’s absence).  This created emotional, physical and energetic blockages.  She did not trust that she could support herself (emotionally by speaking up and/or physically, which kept her at the farm).  And physically/biologically, the blockages were showing up in her back (in the Meridians/Nerves, which represents in ability to support one’s self),  and in her Heart Chakra (as asthma, where energy of lack of trust is stored; inability to trust self or others).  Physically/dimensionally in that past lifetime she did not marry, or have children, and ended up dying early.
Wishing for a different outcome/growth experience, she replicated some of the same challenges in this current lifetime.  She returned as female, and repeated some of the abandonment experiences, growing up with an alcoholic mom, and no father.  This replicated the challenge of both parents being emotionally unavailable allowing her to study Trust (support of self – Heart Chakra/lower back), and Unconditional Love (of self – Sacral Chakra).  In learning to trust self through release and healing support, and through Mastery of the Mind, she began to learn to trust others in time.  Her back pain subsided and she was able to create and complete some of her life experience objectives, becoming a mother and wife, thus giving her a different outcome in this lifetime.
So, looking at origins in past lifetimes allows us to further understanding, and that leads us to forgiveness of self and others in this lifetime, freeing us to move forward in our soul’s quest to evolve and grow.  This is only one example of how and why it may help to resolve challenges.  I have also worked with many on physical symptoms that could not be explained by anything that happened in this lifetime; some were medical professionals who could not find an origin of pain or other physical situations.  When we looked at the past, we found origins and were able to support healing.

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Vicki Murphy, BFA, RMPT, IEP

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