Owl Spirit Animal Message

The Owl, long known for its wisdom is asking you to look inside to ask:

  • “Who” is directing your life. Is it your thoughts, your ability to believe in yourselves, and create all you desire, or the thoughts and belief of another?
  • “Who” is conducting the direction of your energy? Is the direction positive or negative?  Are you allowing others to be of more importance; their thoughts, feelings, dreams and/or wishes?

If so, you will lose the energy beneath your wings if you deplete yourself in this way.  You will not be able to fly high above the trees to do your job, bringing the wisdom of “warning” [prophecy] from your point of view so high in the sky.  This is a better use of your energy, rather than allowing someone to “ground” you in flight, where you cannot help anyone.  You cannot navigate the darkness, your own, or others, from the ground.  Owl is showing up to mentor you and gift you with the knowledge of this perspective – YOU are important!

It is in this that Owl portends to the “death” of a cycle of negativity that you may have been running.  This is not a literal death, but a choice based in wisdom.

  • Are you afraid of the “death” of a relationship, friendship, or job? Owl is asking you to step back to observe…
  • Is this thing truly good for me? Use wisdom as you choose.

Connected to the magic of the universe, Owls keen vision and sharp observation is bringing you a message regarding your own power of insight and intuition.  Owl is asking you to indulge your intuition.

  • Do you believe in your ability to sense danger?

This, quite simply is a function of your intuition.  This is very helpful as you walk through changes and transformations within your soul path and plan.  It is a time to wisely release old habits (people, place and/or things may also be a part of this renewal).  It is the only way to create space; to “fly” and to allow for the “new” to come in to your life.

Owl also lends wisdom in truth.

  • Are you seeing the situation clearly?
  • Are you seeing the person’s true nature?

Use your knowledge to “see” who has positive energy, and/or who has negative energy.   Especially in love relationships, but also in friendships, business acquaintances, etc.  This will help you make wise decisions; to not “lose” yourself in another.

You may be drawn to explore the unknown, guided by Owls curiosity to gain knowledge; to gain information about things and or people that you do not understand.  This knowledge may help you find solutions that are wise during your journey here; in work, in love, in all areas of your life.

  • Is it time to explore new horizons, or a new aspect of yourself?

This wisdom will also allow you to value yourself and others, as well as your journey of growth and all it entails.  Gratitude is a gift that the owl bestows with the wisdom and understanding of how this journey works, and how the challenges work to help us.

  • Are you grateful for the contrasting experiences that allow you to be guided to things that fit you better?

Stretch your wings, and tune in to your intuitive wisdom, and allow it to guide you to explore and observe what is going on around you.  This keen power of observation will save you time and effort spent in the “wrong” direction

  • Are you spending too much time on smaller insignificant things? Owl energy will help you create positive energy within your life with greater ease, allowing you to take on the bigger challenges and/or more important things.

So, ask yourself the questions above to see what Owl is bringing you today.  And call on the spirit of Owl when you seek wisdom regarding a choice that is tough and requires intuitive insight.  Owl will help you observe what is necessary to create what you want and desire.  Listen to Owl’s guidance, and wisdom, regarding tough choices.  You deserve all that is here for you.

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