On the struggle of Good & Evil

Positive thoughts.jpg 313 x 313On the struggle of Good & Evil; Is it increasing? 

Why?  My Angels’ answer….
Again I was in my car and thinking about the struggle of good and evil. The reason my mind was questioning this entire dimensional concept was that an errant negative thought had floated through my mind, trying to get in. I notice negative thoughts, but I do not give them purchase; I don’t let them in.  I’ve gotten very good at this, (hence my super manifesting powers) I’ll give you my secret on that in a bit.  But back to the message. I have noticed more negative thoughts (and a lot of negative actions in and around the world) in the last year or so.  So whether they are about yourself or others, they are increasing.

During my conversation with my “Guys” as one of my business partners/teammates so lovingly refers to them (my Angels), I asked, “Is this (these increasing negative thoughts) a part of ‘the’ struggle of ‘Good & Evil’ here on the planet?” The answer was “YES”, that it was an increasing vibration here.

“Why” I asked them?  As our evolutionary frequency increases, everything speeds up.  There is faster activity energetically, which makes it feel like “more” thoughts of negativity, because they are occurring at a faster rate.  We are becoming more and more aware of our thoughts as well during this increase in our own frequency/consciousness.  We are feeling and sensing the negativity as something that is increasingly ‘uncomfortable’. For us in the human form it means that it is an extremely important time for us to be conscious and aware of what we ALLOW in our thoughts, because our thoughts directly form belief.  My Angels tell me, “It is a time of “Mastery”. 

It is necessary for this “struggle” for the “fight between good and evil” to become more “seen” more “known”, so that we are able to take conscious actions to increase our evolutionary growth toward the higher frequency.  We are becoming more attuned to a higher, happier frequency, and that makes the negativity “stand-out”.

Affirmations:  I happily notice negative thoughts, embracing them as knowledge!  I choose to use them to change what I believe.  I release all fear of negativity.  I do not fear.  I trust that I am guided by my Angels.  I am growing stronger and stronger in my sensitivity.  I love that I get to choose!

Take time to feel the positive energy flow, as if you are “flipping a switch” when you are saying these; letting the energy flow freely through you!  Call on Archangel Gabriel, who’s name means, “God has the Power”.  Gabriel is the Angel of Truth.  This support will help you release that which is beyond your power to change (for instance the soul plan of another that you find negative in some way).

Actions:  Be aware of the struggle of “good & evil” but do not fear it.  Know that we in human form, united with our Angels, are far stronger than any negative force here.  Choose to use any negativity to grow.  When you find a negative thought, write it down, then draw a line through it, cancelling it out, and write a positive belief that you would rather hold on to.  This works!  If it is a “recurring” thought or belief, then plaster several “Positive” thoughts/beliefs around your home where you can “drink” it in vibrationally.  Take moments of time throughout the day to “see” them and say the new positive thoughts out loud.

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Remember!  Absolutely do not allow negative thoughts in. Whether they are about yourself, or others or any place or thing. They do not serve a purpose and corrupt your energy if you hold onto them. Simply acknowledge them, if you must, you are gaining a contrasting experience that will help you discern what is a better choice for you to be focusing on. It gives you information regarding what feels good and what does not. And it never feels good to focus on something that is low-frequency about self, others or any place or thing. Instead commit to finding a replacement thought indoor focus; something positive. Although this takes a little effort, when it becomes a habit, you will easily be able to tune in to a higher frequency and virtually not hear or feel the negative thought vibration. And when it is no longer a part of your energy “output”, then it will not affect your energy of creation. You will be attracting from a higher level of frequency; things will be easier and easier. You’ll get more of what you want, in all areas of your life. So this is a very worthy endeavor.
Love and Peace,
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