Money – The Do’s & Don’ts of Manifesting More Money

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Do think of It is a molecular object that we get to put a value on; a story of positive or negative energy. Money is LOVE, a tool to grow ourselves into what we came here to be; it can be used to gift others with our energy, and or to help them in some way – not just the money itself, by with the energy that it allows us to create.
Do see money as a high vibrational tool of love and growth. Then see that it makes sense that in order to attract and flow it to ourselves, we must be a high frequency “match”. We must flow high frequency about the self, about others, about money, about EVERYTHING in order to attract it and to have it. And to keep it flowing.
Don’t think in terms of a finite amount – even if it is billions! Think of it as an infinite flow!!!! It is not something you want to think about “keeping” as that stops the flow and has an energy activation of “fear” of “not more coming”.
Do play! Money is most easily made while we are in “play” doing what we love! That is when we are in the highest frequency possible. So play begets money flow.
Don’t confuse money with work! You may be holding a belief that you have to “work” to make money – but I assure you, money can just come – and from multiple sources! Choose to allow for it to come from unknown sources.
Don’t cloud the energy with thoughts of how that is going to happen while you’re “playing”. That train of energy thought stops the flow! It does not hold the vibration of “trust”; in your own ability to stand in the flow of support, or the ability of God Source Universal flow of support. Our Angels want us to recognize when we are doing this – when we are standing in worry/fear about “how” we are going to be in flow of money! The more you pay attention to the fear, the more you block the money.
Do Give Up. This is the best way of standing in energy of flow – of getting out of your own way. But, you cannot “fake it”. You must truly release what you are focused on, the money, and refocus on being one with nature, doing some other activity that you can fill your life with that brings you joy – and yes, connecting with nature is free! Think of all of the ways you can stand in connection that are free! Doodling is free. Standing in church is free. Walking on the beach is free. Hiking is free. Drawing in the sand or making a sand sculpture is free.
Do think back to childhood to tap into what brought you into a place of joyful play. Then go back and try to reconnect with that way of being; experience that joy that feeds your soul. This opens the channel to receive.
Don’t hold onto the old! Clear old beliefs! What were you taught about money? What do you want to believe? Write it all down! Money grows on trees! Yes, it does! I actually worked with a client on clear their “money activation” and we did put this piece in as an affirmation, and they actually began to find money, dollar bills, in bushes around them – for 3 days in a row. This is our Angels having fun with us, playing along to support our new beliefs!
Do get rid of your logical anchors of thought, and believe in the impossible! There is actually no such thing as that which is “impossible”. We are awakening to our true potential energetically. We are only just beginning to access more of the DNA within our brains – we currently are using so little of it, and there is so much more to tap into – so much potential. But not if you don’t do it. Not if you don’t experiment with believing in the impossible, and playing within the energy of possibilities!

Love and Peace,
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