Mercury Retrograde ~ Again?

I always say learn to laugh here on this planet, during this journey, because it’s better than the alternative!  This is exactly what you need as you go through this Mercury Retrograde!  A keen sense of humor, and a positive outlook will take you far….

Mercury rules communication, travel, contracts, automobiles, electronics, and other types of transportation.  This can affect flights, traffic, mail, etc.  Anything that is impacted by transport. So, when Mercury is retrograde, remain flexible, allow time for extra travel, and avoid signing contracts. Review projects and plans at these times, but wait until Mercury is direct again to make any final decisions.

About a week or two before Mercury goes retrograde, try to finish any projects you have going.  This is a time that will impact these getting done with all kinds of crazy happenings!  Be on the lookout for misinterpretation, and miscommunication.  This period of time also extends to the 2 weeks following Mercury returning to regularity, which is called, “going direct”.  You are in the “shadow” of the retrograde energy for about 2 weeks.  So be cautiously aware.  And be prepared for people who are upset, or deals that go sideways.

Appliances and electronics, especially our smart phones, which are also tools of communication, and are affected.  So, have a back-up plan ready to go.  For instance, my hair dryers used to always burn out during retrograde (as well as when my energy was off), so I made sure that I always had a back-up!  And during the last retrograde, my phone began randomly facetiming – WHILE I WAS ACTUALLY TALKING WITH THE PERSON! LOL!!!  And we lost the radio station for a moment as well (well, it was for the whole show, but we made a comeback and still were able to broadcast and take a few calls!).  Now I have learned to regulate my energy, and so that is a rare occurrence – but it has happened, and not just with small appliances!

Rather than blaming Mercury though, lets step back and gain some much-needed perspective!  Where are you putting your energy?  Lots of times, the energy of Mercury is helpful in pointing out a “flaw” in our point of attraction.  So, take some time and get introspective.  Adjust beliefs so that you can continue in a more positive way.  If you are having relationship problems, take a little respite to love you!  This will help equalize what you attract.  If you are overwhelmed, it may be time to take a break and bring balance back into your routine.

With the Eclipse, preceded by the Full Moon, this triad is a powerful force for change.  We are also in a “10” year, 2017, which brings the energy of 10, finishing cycles of growth, before we begin the “1” cycle of new beginnings.  This means we are wrapping up a lot of loose ends so we can bring in new energy and create our desires.  And it is all amplified by the “triad” of planetary activity and alignment.  But, like I’ve said before, simply studying the flow of energy through situations and discerning what is working and what is not, is not enough.  It is a time to take action; to change.

So, let the energy of Mercury serve to motivate you and point you in the right direction. Mercury allows us to “see” in a different way, all that we have come through, and to see how we are to “use” the information – but as always, our perspective is a choice (see my article on “Taking Responsibility; Overcoming Victimization”).

Our shift from Summer to Fall marks another transition, and is even more energy that supports change; ending of cycles and renewal of rest (Fall marks the coming rest period of the winter months).   Be aware and make sure you are supporting your physical body, mind, and soul with plenty of rest, proper nutrition, and vitamins, as well as lots of water.

Do grounding exercises to release any negative charges that you may have picked up during this “energy-sensitive” time as well.  Take time to take a break, and meditate to help you connect with your Angels and Guides.  This will also help you connect with your higher-self wisdom as well, and all of this will help you manifest your dreams.  This is a super charged time and a great time to set intentions; to release further, so that you are creating clear space to bring in the new energy of your dreams.

It is easier to create a belief when we have lived a reality, but it is not imperative.  I know thousands who have created a reality that they have never lived before.  Everything from true love in a relationship, after having come from a loveless childhood, to creating a career path in an area that has never been created before.  It takes imagination, a willingness to succeed, and strength to do what it takes by walking through any challenges that are presented along the way.

Do not buy into any strife or anxiety; no fear!  This is not a time to get “news obsessed”!  Especially regarding finances and any other aspect of life.  Remember to create your own realities based on high frequency – stay resolved to run high vibrational energy.   Choose not to listen to any realities that line up with negativity.  For there are challenges all throughout our lives.  If we choose to alter the way we look at them and accept the information that we gain from them, then they too can become positives; positive forces for growth; motivation and guidance.

So, whether the negative influence comes from our soul mates/parents/siblings, or the newscaster or astrologist, or any who are predicting failure in the market, or any part of this reality, we have a choice to release fear and stand in the positive belief that 1) all that happens is purposeful and offers guidance.  2) That all that happens is for a reason, and can be used in a positive way.  WE have a choice what we are going to believe and what we are going to allow within our thoughts, and those thoughts create our beliefs, and those beliefs alter and predicate our actions.  These are the very functions of the soul plan that allow growth – or the choice to stay stuck in fear.  Is there fear?  Yes, so what are you going to do with it?  Use it or let it control you and your thoughts and choices, continuing to create the same obstacles repeatedly?

The retrograde supports continued growth; moving forward.  Any challenges are just that.  See them as a function of the soul plan, and know that they will not last forever, as time is fluid (linearly speaking) and constantly moving, so are the challenges.  They will come and go.

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