Mercury is Retrograde

Already feeling the effects of Mercury?!!!  Here’s some more info so you can laugh with me and use the energy!  Mercury is the planet that rules communication, so that includes all forms of communication, like the mail, and of course within all of your relationships; travel, all kinds; and technology – having electronic or technological difficulties?  [My hair dryer has suffered an untimely death, and my phone has been random facetiming – WHILE I AM ACTUALLY TALKING WITH THE PERSON! LOL!!! And of course we lost the radio station for a moment as well (well, it was for the whole show, but we made a comeback and still were able to broadcast and take a few calls!)]  And so it begins!

December, being the end of the year, is always a month of transformation and transition; from the old to the new.  This year, 2016 is a 9, which is the number of “teaching”.  It represents the completion of a 10-year cycle of growth, and everyone is feeling it.  We are all wrapping up changes, and tying up loose ends.  Simply studying the flow of energy through situations and discerning what is working and what is not, is not enough.  It is a time to take action; to change.  But take heart, 2017 is a 1 numerologically and will support all of the new beginning that we are all striving for!  So let all of this Mercury fallout serve to motivate you and point you in the right direction for 2017!

Mercury, ever ready to support change, goes into retrograde on December 19th.  This allows us to “see” in a different way, all that we have come through and how we are to “use” the information – but as always, our perspective is a choice (see my article on “Taking Responsibility; Overcoming Victimization”).  December also offers us the solstice, another transition from fall to winter, on December 21st.  This is a time to take action to take care of yourselves; eating properly, and doing exercise will help you through this time.  Vitamins are essential, as is making sure you are grounded throughout this transition and your growth.

It’s important to realize as you create your goals around your dream desires, that you may be lead down a “crooked” path – not one that you anticipated.  This is simply allowing for guidance, and being aware is necessary to make use of all of the nuances of these experiences along the way.  Meditation is the greatest gift you could give yourself now, even if only for 5 minutes.  Learning to control your mind will help you make space for spiritual connection and further guidance through those channels; higher-self wisdom is within your grasp.

Do not buy into any strife or anxiety; no fear!  This is not a time to get “news obsessed”!  Especially regarding finances and the government.  Remember to create your own realities based on high frequency – stay resolved to run high vibrational energy.

Trump (his egoic) Example of how to create (I am delivering the example that was given to me by the Angelic Realm during this conversation with my colleague) – how to stay out of fear

I was speaking to my colleague recently regarding the fear of upcoming financial instability, and wealth consciousness.  I used incoming President Trump as an example (as that was what was spiritually given at that moment.)   The egoic function is purposeful within this/his soul plan.  The ego says, “I am better than all of the others, therefore I am safe from any financial upheaval.  If I get knocked down, I will rebuild.  I know how, so I will not fear.”  It’s an interesting part of the soul plan from this stand point (and I won’t get into the entire plan, only this part for our purposes); it allows us to see a different choice of perspective that allows the release of fears around wealth, and the creation of it.  Now, it is easier to create a belief when we have actually lived a reality, but it is not imperative.  I know thousands who have created a reality that they have never lived before.  Everything from true love in a relationship, after having come from a loveless childhood, to creating a career path in an area that has never been created before.  It takes imagination, a willingness to succeed, and strength to do what it takes by walking through any challenges that are presented along the way.

So, as a choice, choose not to buy into any fear and create alternate realities of belief; like these, “I can do it if he can”; “I can do/create anything that I can imagine”; “I can because I am guided and I have a beautiful soul plan with choices!”

Choose not to listen to any realities that line up with negativity.  For there are challenges all throughout our lives.  If we choose to alter the way we look at them and accept the information that we gain from them, then they too can become positives; positive forces for growth; motivation and guidance.

So, whether the negative influence comes from our soul mates/parents/siblings, or the newscaster or astrologist, or any who are predicting failure in the market, or any part of this reality, we have a choice to release fear and stand in the positive belief that 1) all that happens is purposeful and offers guidance.  2) That all that happens is for a reason, and can be used in a positive way.  WE have a choice what we are going to believe and what we are going to allow within our thoughts, and those thoughts create our beliefs, and those beliefs alter and predicate our actions.  These are the very functions of the soul plan that allow growth – or the choice to stay stuck in fear.  Is there fear?  Yes, so what are you going to do with it?  Use it or let it control you and your thoughts and choices, continuing to create the same stumbling blocks over and over again?

It’s a time to continue on your path of growth, bravely moving forward.  Any challenges are just that, a function of the soul plan, and they will not last forever, as time is fluid (linearly speaking) and constantly moving, so are the challenges.  They will come and go.





Wishing You Peace, Health & Happiness,

Vicki Murphy, BFA, RMPT, IEP

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