Making a Vision Board that works!

4 Steps for Creating a Vision Board that is Activated and Works! 

Here are some of the most important hints taken from my Vision Board class that I have taught at various corporations, including Real Estate Companies.  These are tips that the most successful people have used to help them create their dreams and desires.

  1.  Colors – make sure that you incorporate colors in a conscious way.  Color vibration is a very strong influence on the body, mind & soul, and therefore affects your frequency of vibration within the body.  It can make you feel happy, sad, relaxed or energized.  So pay attention to what you are including when placing color.  Make sure that it is activating in the way that you want it to!
  2. Aroma – Yes!  Use oils or perfumes to “scent” your board to create the “feeling” that most pleases you.  The most important part of vision boarding is that it must create a specific high frequency feeling in your body, mind and soul when you look at it.  So engage all of your senses to boost that feeling!
  3. Images – make sure that all of the images that you use are not “tainted” by old feelings or beliefs.  If you are placing a picture of money on your board, or writing the word “wealth” make sure that those words/images do not activate a negative feeling.  For example, if you are having hardship regarding money right now, the image may take you right to that feeling of “not enough” by accident – subconsciously.  So, it may be better to find a substitute for money, like pink hearts, or the color green, or anything that can represent wealth or money that makes you feel happy!
  4. Infusion of feelings vs. words alone – Make the entire board feel good when you look at it.  It does not have to be “literal” and specific in image, unless that is what makes you feel good!  This is such an important thing to understand. You can use a substitute image for a word for example, as long as it gives you a better feeling.

So, let’s look at the example above.  The cupcake represents a recent event that I attended that was a fabulous experience; it represents the feeling of close friendship; experiences that are memorable, made me laugh, satisfied my curiosity, built my self-esteem, built trust in self and others, and a myriad of other benefits.  So those feelings are resurrected when I look at that image.  It was more effective for me than using words in this instance.  Simply, my desire is to have more of those types of experiences.

Sometimes you can use both words and images in combination, again, as long as it feels good.  The object above the head of the turtle is about balance, and in this instance because the turtle is about all of my fond memories of swimming and snorkeling with the turtles while traveling the world, it creates a beautiful positive feeling feel when I look at it. This creates a “feeling” around the word balance that is more effective than the word alone.

Basically, the entire board takes me to all of my fondest memories and feelings, raising my vibration around all that I desire.  My desires are represented by the words within the image. The words, which represent my “asking” from the universe, and represent all that I desire to create, are then infused with the vibrations of happy satisfaction, trust, fun, laughter, love and more. If a word or image has an underlying negative vibration, use a substitute! [See step 3.]

And these are just a couple of the ways that you can create a super effective Vision Board! If you would like to have me teach this for your group or at your office, please contact me for details.

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