Making a “Hole” Staying in the feelings of Peace & Joy

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 Whether you are returning from a day outing, or a vacation, one where you have created a beautiful feeling of joy, peace, fulfillment – one where your soul truly feels fed – coming back into your reality and maintaining those “good” feelings, can prove challenging.  We almost want to run back out, creating yet another “escape” to stand in the “good” feelings again.  We may feel sad, a bit of mourning of the feelings of freedom and peace.

But, don’t let this moment, these feelings of fear regarding sadness, loss, or other low frequency feelings go unnoticed!  If and when you are feeling this way, you want to notice it.  It is telling you that you may be lacking those feelings that are generated by an outing or vacation in your daily life.  Now, don’t get me wrong, this can happen even if you love the life that you have created.   However, it is still telling you that you require more peace, more joy, and more of the freedom that you experienced while you were away, especially if you are feeling like you want to run back into “escape”.  It requires that you believe that you can create all that you have along with the feelings of those that you create on vacation.  That your life can feel like a vacation always!

The feelings of loss create a contrasting experience that is letting you know that it is time to “hone” or “perfect” your desired reality.  That you would like to “add” to what you have created already.  And now, you are fresh off of the vacation, or outing, that has provided you with that information; the “new” feelings that you’d like to incorporate.

So how do we do this?  You may be thinking, “I don’t have the luxury to create more time to relax,” or possibly your thoughts run to, “How can I create more freedom when I have to work to pay for my ‘off-time trips’?”  These very thoughts which create beliefs, get in your way!

And that is how this all started.  The Angel Message is not just about maintaining our peace and joy, but it is also about creating realities when we may not believe that we can.  We have to make space, a “hole” where we can believe.  For example, in one of my Animal Communication Classes, I teach how to see and use the Animal’s Aura.  But if you don’t believe that you can see it, then you can inhibit ever being able to see it.  You must first decide that you can create whatever it is that you want to create; joy, peace, seeing aura’s, etc.  Even if it is outside of the realm of your belief now.

We live in a world where quantum physics is able to give us tangible results, to prove to us, our energetic abilities.  This is truly a beautiful thing.  Let the sciences behind our innate, God given abilities help you to trust in your own abilities.

So, are you going to decide to believe in the realm of possibilities?  Are you going to decide to “make a hole” to allow in a new belief?  If not, you may be missing an important opportunity to spark a change, and to modify your created reality.  It will require that you decide to release all of the old belief’s no matter how justifiable and “reality based” they may be.  You must cross over the line to the fantastic; to the magical, to the impossibly possible!  On purpose!

How to create a “Hole” – 6 easy steps for Peace, Joy or any other belief or reality that you wish to incorporate…

First look back over your life.  Ask yourself about some of the more significant changes that you have created?  Where did you start, and where did you end up?  What beliefs did you modify during the process?  Did you believe that you could make the changes when you started?  What about significant changes in a relationship, or status of a relationship? What about creating more leisure time? What about changes in a job or career?  What about changes in your financial relationship?

For this action, choose a specific change that you made, one that was successful in your estimation.  Some that I have created include more time to exercise in a fun way, healthier dietary habits, creating more fun friendships, and of course all of the biggies, like my fabulous home, husband and child, along with extended family.  But, if you find yourself thinking or feeling low frequency as you read this, thinking that you can’t seem to do this, then there’s a great place to start.  Let that single thought or feeling be your “jumping off point”.  Because if I can do it, you can do it too.  Let me help you by clearing anything that is in your way, and please use all of these mini classes and all of the Angel Messages that I have channeled to help create what you want.

1)      Write down what beliefs you may have held prior to the change.

2)       Then write down what you believed was possible (or impossible) prior to that change.

3)      Then write down what you believe now, because of the change; because of proving to yourself that something different could be created.

4)      Now, write down what you believe about a current situation that you would like to modify.

5)      Write down what you would like to believe you can create instead.

6)      Practice seeing yourself in that “better” or modified created reality.  How does it feel?  Do you see that you’d like to change anything as you “try it on”?  Make the changes in your written words.  Then practice seeing yourself in the better version.  Do this at least twice a day.  This will help you make a “hole” for a new belief.  This will help you align with your divine abilities.

Use this information to learn to believe that all changes are possible for you.  Use this information to remember what if feels like to trust in your abilities.

Come practice with me at my events, or have a session to clear at a deeper level.  Let’s accelerate our creative process and raise the frequency of ourselves and the planet!  I love having your help!

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