Love is in the air – literally!

grow Love. 313 x 313Love is energy!  And when you realize how to use your energy, you can bring more love, and more money to yourself with ease.  But first you have to make room and ‘clean’ out the blocks within your ‘Relationships’.  Remember, your relationship with yourself directly impacts your relationship with money and with ‘love’.  Whenever I work with someone on money or love, we almost always start there.  So here are 2 challenges for the day….
Do you know how many times a day you have a negative thought?  It’s more than you think or realize.  Here are some of the most ‘popular’; I’m so stupid; No one likes me – I’ll never find my perfect person; I’m fat/ugly.  And these are just a few.
First Challenge:  Listen to your inner voice today.  You’ll be surprised at how many times these ingrained negative thoughts appear.  In that moment in time, you are telling your inner baby that s/he is not worth loving or approving of; you are telling them that they don’t deserve your support – but is it your voice?  Often it has roots in some other soulmate, sometimes a parent, who came to ‘lovingly’ set forth a karmic challenge for us.
Second Challenge:  Try to identify the origin – THIS IS NOT A BLAME GAME! Please realize that we set up contracts with our soulmates to challenge us in this way so we’d have opportunities to grow – will we take those opportunities?  Well our soulmates/higher-self energies are hoping that we do!  They loved us so much that they agreed to take birth and walk through these (sometimes gnarly) challenges with us for that very purpose!  So just observe what voice is in your head, and try to see where it may have started.  Then gently lovingly decide to give that belief back to the ‘owner’ thanking them for sharing it.  Tell them that you are deciding to use it to grow.  Choose to re-write your negative belief.
This is a great 1st step for Loving You!

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“Supporting you in Health & Happiness!!!”

Love and Peace,
Vicki Murphy, BFA, RMPT, IEP

Intuitive Counselor
Certified Psychic Medium
Reiki Master Healer
Medical Intuitive
Reverend and Spiritual Advisor
Corporate Consultant

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