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Life Path Numbers

life-path-number-jpg-210-x-210I Love that we talked about numerology on the Ron Ash show yesterday; that it was a thread woven throughout.  It’s of interest as a tangible way to “see” the energy and receive Angel Messages throughout the day!

Seven is my favorite number, and my life path is a 9; the number of teacher – and of course, that is what I am doing!  My favorite number 7 is the number of introspection; calling us to look within and discern honestly, thoughts, beliefs and then actions.  All numbers offer so much information depending on where you are within your journey, and depending what point you are at within a specific karmic challenge.

Before we jump into Life Path numbers and the calculation of what your number is, I want to give you an easy way to understand basic numerology and the cycles of growth that they represent – this is simplified, and there is much more, but it is a great place to start.

1 is a new beginning of a cycle; also pertains to you alone.
2 is duality; relationship to the self and you with others.
3 is community; allowing the influence or help of others.
4 is foundation; building though thought, then belief, and then action.
5 is the number of change; a necessary part of growth.
6 is adjustment to the changes.
7 is introspection; discerning what part of the change is working, and what is not.
8 taking action in work; career goals toward money and successful implementation of the outcome from the introspective period.
9 is allowing for all that you have learned to be gifted back; teaching from the process that you have come through; almost ready to conclude and move forward.
10 is completion of the cycle; conclusion so that the next cycle can begin.

If you’d like to calculate your life path number, take each unit of your date of birth, and reduce it to a single number, or a master number; 11, 22, 33, etc.
Add each of those together and reduce the total to a single digit or a master number.
Here’s an example:
Month:  December is the 12th month, so it is represented by the number 3 (1 + 2 = 3)
Day:  The day that you were born, 13, which reduces to a 4 (1+3 = 4)
Year:  The year of the birth, 1964 reduces to a 2 (1 + 9 + 6 + 4 = 20, and then 2 + 0 = 2)
Add the results together: 3 + 4 + 2 = 9.
In this example, the life path is 9.

It is important to honor the 3cycles, from birth to death, as the Life Path Cycles; the month, the day and then the year, to see the correct cycles within the soul’s life plan.  The first cycle will cover the first 3rd of your life, the second covers the next, or second 3rd, and the last covers that last 3rd of your life and learning.
If you do not add them in this specific way, you may be creating a false master number, or missing a true master number.

1 = Number one portends to new beginnings within your life.  So if you are seeing many one’s, your Angels are directing you to pay attention to new opportunities at this stage on your life path.
You are a leader, and enjoy the spotlight; status and appearance of success is important.  You strive for growth and the finer things.  This can work for and against you if you are not aware of too much concern regarding appearance, and or selfishness; pride and over-confidence can lead to disaster.  Instead look upon your gifts, and find gratitude in your heart.  You will achieve your dreams in this lifetime as you use your energy to maintain your originality and creativity.
You can be impatient with those who don’t see the bigger picture, or those who cannot wrap their heads around your unique approach.  This is why you work best alone, as your own boss.
Temper your temper!  You can over react when caught up in the driven energy that you tend to run.  It is very important to exercise and eat healthy to help keep balance.
Famous #1’s:  Brad Yates, Dan Fogelberg, Dana Reeve, David Crosby, Dick Cheney, George Lucas, Jack Nicholson, Jacques Cousteau, James Ray, James Redfield, Jim Morrison, Larry King, Marci Shimoff, Maria Shriver, Martin Luther King, Jr., Nancy Reagan, Sally Field, Sammy Davis, Jr., Sean Connery, Sting, Tiger Woods, Tom Cruise, Tom Hanks, Walt Disney
2 = Duality, relationship to self and others, is key if you are seeing many 2’s.  Pay attention to your relationship with yourself – it is how you are attracting others, and is vibrationally helping you elicit certain responses from others (good and bad!).
You are a peacemaker.  Sensitive and artistic, you may be inwardly focused, giving the impression that you are shy.  This is just your natural way to step back and observe others with your intuitive energy, sensing more what others want and/or need.  Be aware that your needs and wants are important too.  They bring much to the table and gift others with a truth that allows them to learn.  When you gift your truth, you do it gently, and it allows others to learn by giving them choices.  So don’t hold back too much.  You create harmony with your gifts, naturally, which makes you great with others, especially in a group.
Those with a #2 life path are healer-nurturers, and tend to be very creative; artists, poets, musicians, massage therapists, counselors, etc.
Caution, your sensitivity can cause you to get hurt easily and therefore stand back from others in a protective stance.  You are stronger than you think!
Famous #2’s: Al Gore, Bill Clinton, Bob Hope, Colin Powell, Jackie Kennedy, Jennifer Aniston, Madonna, Meg Ryan, Michael Jordan, Prince Charles, Richard Burton, Robert Monroe, Ronald Reagan, Rose Kennedy, Rush Limbaugh, Sally Ride, Terri Irwin, Tim McGraw, Tony Robbins
3 = Community support; learning to ask for the help of others, and to allow others input, is the focus.  If you are seeing many 3’s, it is time to let go of trying to do it all by yourself; let go of “not trusting” that you have support, or that others are trustworthy – so what if they prove not to be?!  You will have gathered knowledge that you need, and are strong enough to set healthy boundaries.
You are a creative energy.  You are expressive and challenged to be able to stand in your life purpose when it is a creative one.  This takes commitment to self, and a willingness to release limiting beliefs.  Your expressive nature can lead you to be the center of attention, which you love, but can interfere with the level of commitment that it takes to achieve all that you dream of; popularity is so much fun that often you lose sight of the bigger picture.  Money is another challenge due to your easily distracted nature.  Often sarcastic when hurt, you are sensitive and would rather stew alone in your anger and depression that allow others to judge you harshly.  You would rather be the cynic, using your sarcastic wit to hide your true pain.  Although this strategy deflects, it often causes pain to others.  Work instead on being truthful in a non-combative way, so you can rise to your full ability to inspire others.
Famous #3’s:  Alec Baldwin, Andrew Weil, Barbara Walters, Bill Cosby, Bob Vadas, Enya, Hillary Clinton, Jack Welch, Jimmy Buffett, Jodie Foster, John Travolta, Josh Grobin, Linda McCartney, Melanie Griffith, Pierce Brosnan, Shania Twain
4 = Foundation; becoming strong in who you are, setting up the foundation for growth with thoughts, belief and then action for your future creations, is on your horizon at this time.
Organized and sometimes controlling, your gifts allow you to be an astute problem solver; you see the bigger picture, and are great at mazes because of your vision and tenacity.  Caution, you can be stubborn, which works for you in problem solving, but can create friction with others in a group.  You would rather work hard than look for a “cheat” or easy way out.  This is because you are a person of great integrity that understands the importance of a strong foundation when seeking success.  You are a truth seeker and a truth speaker, and have a tendency to be detail oriented.  Caution, this can lead you to judge others if they do not work as hard as you do.  Be careful of lack of flexibility, which can create the very chaos that you work so hard to overcome; especially in relationships.  Temper revenge and anger when things do not go your way.  Your ability to build a strong foundation, and courage, will carry you through; instead put efforts toward rebuilding if and when things go wrong.
Famous #4’s:  Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Gates, Billy Graham, Bono, Brad Pitt, Bryan Adams, Dale Earnhardt, Dean Martin, Demi Moore, Elton John, Frank Sinatra, Gary Craig, Jewel, John Assaraf, John Kerry, Marie Curie, Montel Williams, Nicole Kidman, Oprah Winfrey, Sir Paul McCartney, Sir Richard Branson, Val Kilmer
5 = The number of change, 5, is gifting you the message and/or confirmation that it is time for a change on your path.
You are adventurous and seek change often, in meeting new people, changing careers, changing the way you go to work, etc. Often a late bloomer as you seek to connect to your dreams & desires, you may have been labeled a bit of a wild-child; unconventional and different. Caution, two things, 1) your impulsive nature, the need to change, may lead you to make rash choices that you regret later and 2) you may leave things unfinished as you jump to the next adventure.  Stay grounded in your objectives.  You are outgoing and inspiring, and excel at multitasking and are diverse in your talents.  This makes you an asset in groups and in many situations.  Your ability to read others is also an asset, and makes you a great communicator.  Freedom, safety and security are important to you, and are often a part of your soul’s plan of mastery.  Those with the life path of 5 tend toward self-employment (freedom), but your adventure seeking side may challenge you as you try to create security.  Staying in one thing is against your nature, and this challenges you in career and in physical fitness.  Give yourself permission to change!  And implement the belief that all is well always, that you will always land on your feet as you “adventure” through it all!
Famous #5’s:  Abraham Lincoln, Angelina Jolie, Bette Midler, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Charles Barkley, Clark Gable, Coretta Scott King, Dennis Quaid, Don Henley, Don Johnson, Helen Keller, Jackson Browne, Joe Vitale, Liv Tyler, Mick Jagger, Nancy Laine, Ron Howard, Steven Spielberg, Willie Nelson
6 = The number 6 is letting you know that you are in a period of adjustment within your life path at this time.  This is a number seen after change has occurred, or during a change.  It can be seen prior as a notice that change is about to occur as well; confirming what you know in your heart and may fear needlessly!
Tuned in to all things regarding an adjustment, you seek to use your healing gifts and compassionate nature to help others through their adjustments; innately you know and understand that it can be scary or tough to adjust to necessary changes on our life path’s.  This ability is calling you and your challenge is to become more than a listener; to step into your unique giftedness.  Caution, do not offer help if those around you have not sought your advice!  This would be to interfere with their soul plan, and as a healer, it is imperative that you learn boundaries, despite the fact that you may see solutions, or other ways of helping, do not bulldoze others.  Each soul plan is divine and perfect and has purpose – no matter what it may look like to others, including you.  Balance is required for you to support others in their growth; to use your gifts responsibly.  Caution, do not over give.  This tendency must be tempered.  Ask yourself why you are over giving; is it to feel needed, or to gain something like attention or love?  Fill these voids within the self, by the self, and it will make you a stronger healer; one who leads by example.  Then the affection that you gain will be known by you to be genuinely earned and truly deserved.  This will help with self-esteem challenges; you will like yourself better!  This will also help you when choosing a life mate.  It is important to choose a healthy relationship for the right reasons; choose someone strong, not one of those you seek to rescue.  You will need support for this life path; to be successful using your gifts.  You are a “hand-holder” to many as they walk through their challenges, and your Angelic nature helps you create peace and harmony within groups.  Since emotion is more your game, exercise and the physical aspects of being human are more challenging.  Pay attention to what you eat and how you exercise and you will more easily maintain your balance.  Feed your soul, your creative nature!  It is important to learn to love and respect yourself completely, at the highest level, in order to model it for others, and in order to have enough energy to take on helping others through their challenges.  Your inner artist is calling!  Listen!!!  This is often the life path number of many who make a career in creative fields.
Famous #6’s:  Albert Einstein, Buckminster Fuller, Christopher Reeve, Eddie Murphy, Eleanor Roosevelt, Elizabeth Browning, George W. Bush, George Steinbrenner, Goldie Hawn, Howard Hughes, Joanne Woodward, John Denver, Michael Jackson, Richard Nixon, Robert Browning, Robert DiNero, Rosie O’Donnell, Steve Irwin, Steven Tyler
7 = Introspection, and if you are seeing many 7’s it may be time to step back and listen to what your heart is telling you while you are journeying forth on your life path.  Yes, 7 can be a lucky number, but portends to the fact that you must be paying attention and listening for this to be so; tuned it to see it and where it is directing you to take your thoughts and then to act.
You are a truthful soul, sometimes to a fault, and have little tolerance for those who do not stand in the truth.  Deeply spiritual and spiritually connected, you are drawn to dimensional explorations.  This takes you beyond just intuition.  Analytical, sometimes you can be your own worst enemy.  So temper your gifts by staying focused on your desired outcome.  You are sidetracked easily.  But do not beat yourself up!  For your inquisitive daydream journeys are feeding your beautiful mind necessary information to gain the answers you seek.  Your insight makes you great to have in any group, as long as they are open to your higher intelligence, and truthfulness.  And you enjoy sharing your wisdom and gift of intelligence with others.  This charisma can make you charmingly attractive, until the need to seek your peace, by returning to your solitude, comes rushing in.  Let others know what is going on, and then you can attract those that can honor your needs and wants.  If you do not speak them, and ask for support, how can you expect them to know, to be able to support you in your peaceful rhythm?  Otherwise you prefer to work alone, enjoying your journey through time and space.  Caution, this can make you a loner and that can be lonely at times.  Allow others in to create a better balance by being truthful about your needs.  It is a part of your mastery; acceptance and allowing; getting in touch with your needs so that you can understand how supported you are here – as you are.  It is also important to your balance within this life path experience.  The challenges of thinking of yourself as the center of the universe, the most important one, is inherent.  Allowing for the importance of others will create a system of checks and balances for you; they have knowledge that you need on your journey!  Their ideas and feelings are as valid as yours are.  Understanding, accepting, allowing and loving yourself first, best, is the only way you can truly offer that to others.   You will be successful in your growth!
Famous #7’s:  Antonio Banderas, ‘Dr. Phil’ McGraw, Eric Clapton, George Bush, Sr., Jerry Garcia, Joe Cocker, Julia Roberts, John Fitzgerald Kennedy Jr., Katherine Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, Mel Fisher, Mel Gibson, Michael Douglas, Leonardo DiCaprio, Princess Diana, Queen Elizabeth, Stedman Graham
8 = The mastery of wealth is a part of your immediate journey if you are seeing many 8’s.  It is a call to examine what you are doing in your career.  Is it aligned with your soul’s gifts?
Due to your ability to see and understand how to create wealth in many industries, and are often called upon to do so, it is easy to forge ahead, enjoying monetary success without really being connected to your soul’s wants and needs career wise.  Pay attention to your purpose and bigger picture goals.  What is your personal vision?  Your personal wants and needs as far as what you’d like to create for yourself and then for the world at large?  You must lead as often you are the one with the vision and understanding, while others may not be able to see what you do.  You gain support both in followers and financially/materially through your hard work and ability to show success from past endeavors.  If you are new to the game, then have patience!  You will be successful and your success will grow.  Caution, because you do gain monetarily, there is a propensity to become focused on the money and forget the bigger cause; giving back will help the cycle of gain continue while feeding your soul’s wants and needs.  Learning this early will be of benefit, for if you do not adjust and balance, all of the material wealth may lead to greed, and end with loss.  If this happens be sure that the lesson is to learn to release it and to begin again.  We are all here to learn to fall off the bike, and succeed in riding as the reward, by picking ourselves back up (sometimes numerous times). With the new knowledge gained from the fall, we succeed and realize that in this process, there is no failure, only guidance.  So if you fall, get up and use past knowledge, and new knowledge, to create success again.  Status is important to you, and balance even more important to achieve.  Great in business management, you crave family connection.  Caution in that you may want to control others especially those in a family dynamic, keeping them around you in ways that are not necessarily healthy for them (or for you).  Avoid corruption in this way, and in career/business, but learning that you are enough as you are; you are good enough and do not have to pad yourself materially in order to be “attractive” to others.  You are strong and resilient, and must grow beyond being stubborn, impatient or controlling which can be a trigger/belief that has been put in place in youth (by soulmates/parents – remember, there is no blame!  You asked them to put those challenges in place as loving soulmates!) to give you an opportunity for growth.
Famous #8’s:  Anne Morrow Lindbergh, Barbra Streisand, Edgar Cayce, Elizabeth Taylor, Faith Hill, Joni Mitchell, Lucille Ball, Paul Newman, Richard Gere, Stevie Nicks, Whoopi Goldberg
9 = Teaching is a natural aspect of who you are, and seeing 9’s are an indication that you are approaching a completion in a cycle of growth.
You are an idealist and must be cautious that your perfectionistic attitude and drive do not become your undoing, either to yourself or to any projects that you have taken on.  You have a very big job here on this life path; one of philanthropist, striving for a better more peaceful world.  Your enthusiastic attitude leads you to have a tendency to over give of your time, money and in other ways for “your cause”.  Remember that a part of your learning, growth and objective of mastery is to stand in perfect unconditional love of self.  Do not drain your resources or you could sabotage reaching your goals.  Take help from others, but be discerning.  You are elevated in your frequency with much wisdom, which makes you open and accepting of others to a fault.  Remember your objective and act with authority, both in delegation and in firing!  If others do not fit, allow yourself to set a boundary.  It is gifting them information for their growth – giving them a choice to grow or not to.  Your eye is on what is best for the greater good, and that makes you an excellent choice for politics, teaching, and other fields that require, what some would call, sacrificing the self (time, money, etc.).  Again, strive for balance, as it will make you better at whatever you may choose.  Those that are more healed and evolved who are on a 9 path, tend toward esthetic fields, tapping into their innate ability to see beauty in the environment (inside and out; designers, decorators, visual arts, etc.).  In relationships you are loyal, again, to a fault, often making excuses for the poor behavior of others.  Learn to set healthy boundaries so you can elicit a more supportive energy from others.  But watch that you are not too hard on others, or yourself.  Your perfectionism may be a “harsh judge”.  This shows up in all that you do.  Often you have a hard time feeling like anything is done well enough.  Allow this challenge to teach you better self-love as you strive toward the mastery of this virtue; unconditional love of self, I am good enough, is imperative.  You are a master of creating support in other ways, but use relationships to challenge your growth and learning in this area.  It is easier for you to create material support, and money, than to create emotional support through love and friendship.  This can lead you to become focused on the money and lose sight of the bigger objective if you are feeling defeated.  This never works as it is outside of your nature, and can end in disaster.  You must be philanthropic, and giving, as your higher self knows, and if you are not, it can lead to damaging the self-esteem.  This is largely due to the study of self-love and trust, the challenges that you have put in place.  Test what you are choosing to believe, and make the necessary changes.  For when you are standing outside of your nature, in disharmony, you disconnect from those around you.  Remember, that only makes you unhappy, and doesn’t serve you to stand a victim to any outside person, place or thing.  Take back control.  Climb back on the horse, and focus on the fun and fabulous person that you really are; revisit successes that you have had to help you refocus.
Famous #9’s: Alan Greenspan, Bob Marley, Camilla Parker Bowles, Charles Lindbergh, Elvis Presley, Frank Lloyd Wright, Harrison Ford, George Burns, Jack Canfield, Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Russell, Mahatma Gandhi, Michael Beckwith, Ray Kroc, Ricky Martin, Ricky Nelson, Robin Williams, Whitney Houston
10 = Completion of a cycle of growth and a new beginning.  Since this breaks down to a 1 numerologically, please refer to the number 1.
11 = Master number, the number 11 amplifies the number 1.  You are a luminous energy, lighting the way for many.  Always seen as different, you may have felt a bit of an outcast in youth; alien in nature.  However, as you grow into this life path, you will see that you are one who inspires others.  You may sometimes feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders.  Don’t let this drain your enormous store of energy!  Connected spiritually, you often speak words of wisdom that may even surprise you.  This is channeling, and is a resource for all that you have come here to invent.  This effortless wisdom makes you one who is sought after, and, although you are one who enjoys being in a group, you prefer to be in quiet thought for the most part.  Caution, the virtue of self-worth is often a study within this group, and can make you self-conscious and critical of yourself.  Give up on trying to fit in with the masses and laud your unique soul; your quirky nature is one that puts others at ease, realizing that they are not alone!  This is a big soul plan path, and only those who are more evolved take it on.  It portends to you having more to accomplish than others.  This can be overwhelming and lead to a sense that you are moving slower than the others in your development.  Not true, “divine timing” is a belief that you would do well to cultivate.  Don’t give in to feelings of frustration, but reach for acceptance and see your giftedness as you progress through all of the challenges that you came here to take on.  Confidence will come as you begin to see all that you are accomplishing here.  It’s easy as a sensitive 11 to get off of your path, and to wander into the depths of despair due to your high expectations of self (and others – watch that your criticisms are not used against self or others when frustrated).  Bring yourself back down to the ground and look around.  Are your expectations too big, unnecessary for the solution?  Dream big, but be willing to be patient and adjust as you realize the outcome may not require all that you have dreamed was necessary.  This will set you up for success instead of a feeling of failure.  Music is an important tool for your physical vibration and health, both mental, emotional and energetic.  Find what else works for you and employ it on a regular basis.  See the number 2 as well, as that is the breakdown of the 11, and speaks of the duality of self-challenge.  A natural healer, you are great with people, and your sensitivity may be used in many careers; music, healing professions, etc.  Your true potential will be revealed in mid-life, but collection of all data and information on the way is essential to this happening successfully.
Famous #11’s:  Al Gore, Bill Clinton, Colin Powell, Jackie Kennedy, Michael Jordan, Prince Charles, Robert Monroe, Ronald Reagan, Rose Kennedy, Rush Limbaugh, Terri Irwin, Tim McGraw
22 = This is the amplification of the master level life path number of 11, and the duality of 2.  It brings in the number 4, regarding building a foundation, as that is the reduced equivalent of 22.  This is one of the most challenging life path numbers, and can be one that leads to great heights, or mediocrity.  This is all dependent on how well you work through the challenges that you have set before yourself.  The duality of man vs. himself is ever present as you journey, and creates conflicts that challenge your inspired ideals as you war with your practical side.  The idea is to learn to trust in your ability to command energy and to create unabashedly; trusting that you are supported by the universal flow.  You are exceptional at seeing your way through the maze to create a perfect solution, but then question if you are doing it right, or if you are able to make it work.  You are, this is a gift that you possess and as you mature you will come to trust in this ability that you have.  You are connected intuitively; an aspect that you may have been born with and then develop further.  Pay attention.  Your intuition will serve you well in all aspects of your life and relationships.  You may be challenged in showing your emotions within relationships; your vulnerability is a gift that must be earned.  Being “real” is the only way for you, and you detest those who are not grounded in this way; false pretense is nothing that you are interested in.  Allowing yourself to trust is one of your biggest challenges and lends itself to your lack of flexibility in trusting others ideas.  This can lead to you trying to control situations and people.  Learning to let go and trust that all will be well is what is necessary; faith.  Remember you are here to grow, and everything, every challenge has a purpose.  Be as honest when looking at yourself as you are when looking at others.  This will lead to balance; a must for 22’s.
Famous #22’s:  Bryan Adams, Dale Earnhardt, Dean Martin, John Assaraf, John Kerry, Sir Paul McCartney, Sir Richard Branson
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