Inner Voice Test – Are you listening to yours?

Inner Voice Test – Are you listening to Yours?

tug of war image for blog.jpg 313 x 213Ask yourself these simple questions to see if you are listening to your positive, higher-vibration-self, or to see if you are listening to the “voice” of an old belief that no longer fits for you, and making choices based on “listening” or “not listening”.

Not listening – this “thing” make you feel bad, and so you avoid “listening to the feeling” to avoid acting.  You don’t change a thing, hoping that the situation somehow changes.  What “thing or action” would feel better?  If you are not even “listening to the feeling” any more, you may be avoiding in order to avoid taking action.  This can be an avoidance of conflict or avoiding rejection, etc.

Listening – You feel discomfort, emotionally or physically, so you choose to gain some distance to see what is making you feel that way.  You realize that it is a signal, communication from within.  You choose to try on other things to see what might feel better.  You listen to yourself, how you are feeling, and then choose to offer a solution regardless of any judgement of others, or the acceptance of your solution by them.

Not listening – Do you believe that you cannot create a better situation?  Or are you afraid that this is as good as it gets.  When you are listening to your Angels and your inner wisdom, your higher self, will speak to you, creating knowing that you can create anything that you want and desire.  There is always matriculation and growth available here!  Allow for yourself to begin to believe in the miraculous, and irradiate any negative voice telling you that “this is as good as it gets”.

Listening – You see others creating their perfection, and rather than feeling jealous or envious, you use this as motivation for trust in the Universe.  You are listening when you see others that have created a better situation around you, and you choose to see it as a positive; “If they can do it so can I”.  You are listening when you use this thought to bolster and support your own self-trust.  You choose to look at and walk through the fears that are keeping you here.

Love and Peace,

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