How to stay out of your own way

altered-states-210-x-210How to find peace within chaos, and stay in high frequency!

This is a great tool to help with staying out of your own way and allowing for the chaos of our human existence (– no not just allowing, but learning how to process it to make it useful), and releasing the chaos of others souls on the journey with us.

Align with who you really are

First, take yourself to a comfortable place, preferably one where you will not be disturbed for the next 10 minutes.

You can create a better energy by using candles, the vibration of crystals, sprays and/or soft lights and/or music.  However, feel free to just sit without any of these tools, as the focus will be elsewhere.

Close your eyes.  Take 3 gentle cleansing breath’s.  Then make a statement to yourself that you are ready to begin.  It’s important to do this as the energy will shift when this statement is made.  You will become more open and ready to shift your frequency while engaging in this activity.

Imagine that you see a line in front of you.  Don’t get caught up on the details, it can be a row of bushes, or just a line.  On the left side is your “real” life; the life here as human being, with all of its messiness, love, relationships, career, material possessions, etc.

On the right side of the line is your “spiritual” life; the aspect of knowing who you are and that you are connected in a much bigger way.  This is the place where you realize that you are not defined by your physical human life, the life on the left, entirely.  This is where you understand that you are connected spiritually; you see that you are a soul having a human experience.

On this side, the right side, you are at peace no matter what is going on in your human experience, on the other side of the line.  This is the side that allows you to stand in an elevated place, looking down and over at the life that you have created, and are creating, as an observer.  This is the place where you feel light, free, divinely protected, connected and guided.  It is where you go to rest and regroup and to get grounded in the reality that the human life (on the other side of the line) is a “tool” for your growth.  Sometimes it offers painful experiences, but those are the ones that offer the most growth.  ON this side of the line, you have infinite wisdom to know and understand this.  You also understand that the choices that you make regarding all of these life experiences, the good, bad and the ugly, are “how” you grow.  And that determines what you will create next.

On this spiritual side, you know that all is well and easily can envision the beauty all around you; beauty in nature, the flowers, the trees; engage all of your senses to enjoy the beauty.  This is the aspect where you are able to study and observe the way others are, and with love you allow for them to be as they must to complete their journey.  You are able to observe your process and allow for you to be as you must to complete your own journey.  Yet you are not standing in that life.  You are standing on the other side, away from it.  Divorced from any negativity.  Aware of your strength, beauty, soul, in a way that allows for you to experience how great you really are.

You can make this place look like and feel like anything you want.  Take a few moments now to see, hear and feel what you want this spiritual space on the right side of the line to feel like.  You can include “word” vibration activation’s, like Beauty, Serenity, Peace, Freedom, Love, etc.  You can include sound vibrations; bells, chimes, flute, or sounds from nature, like birds or waterfalls, or complete silence.  Include color vibration and fill the space the way you would like.  Imagine the taste of the energy.  Make this spiritual life plane feel like you want it to.

Include the knowing feeling that you are one with the flow; at peace with the “all that is”; the God Source Energy.  Remember who you are.

Working on this creation is a process, and one must practice by doing it and strengthening the vision.

That way, when you need to disengage from your daily human life the one on the other side of the line, the one that has human drama and karmic challenges (lovingly placed to give you an opportunity for choice in growth), you have the reality all set.  You have the constant reminder that you are more than this physical body, this physical walk, in this physical dimension within your reality.  It is the way that I generate peace, and therefore a higher frequency, each and every day of my journey here.  It is the way that I release negativity and re-align with my soul’s wisdom; it is the way that I stay out of my way, and stay out of the way of others while they are on their journey.  It is my playground, and I have it with me where ever I go.  It is always a part of my consciousness.

You all have this ability, and this connection.  Use it to stay aligned; to remember who you really are!

Wishing You Peace, Health & Happiness,







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