How to set intentions

Love thy self .313x313Angel Message for Today is about how to set intentions.
Use the energy of the new moon. This planetary physical energy supports what you want to create. Take these steps: First, gift yourself by sitting in a quiet place, and clear your energy. Set the intention that you are free and clear. Then imagine either a beautiful bubbling brook running from head to toe, clearing and soothing you, or bring in some beautiful white light from above and allow it to run through your body. Imagine all tension, stress and other impurities or low frequencies leaving through your feet, being neutralized by the earth. Do a grounding exercise next. I have several that I take you through in my Angelic Manifestation Ritual (you can email me to get a copy of this process – it is the one that I have used to create all that I love! Right now, I’m offering it for $9.99, as this is the number of teaching, and that is a part of my intention, to teach). Second, after you have grounded, take a few minutes to relax and allow yourself to become quietly connected. Your inner baby, and higher self know how to connect, but there is a way to release and allow; to believe. Ask for messages regarding what you really would like to have in your life. Now, write it down, but allow yourself to use a wonderful pen, and to let the energy flow. Continue writing about what you want, and see what comes forth. You may want to use aromatherapy, or candles or other symbolic aspects in your space to help you set your intentions. I also have an Angelic Message regarding Creating Your Sacred Space – Alters That Work. All of these tools are practical, and have worked successfully for thousands of my students. So, let me recap. Clear your space, clear yourself, ask for help, and set your intention. For more information, or to order the two tools that I have mentioned here, message me or contact me via email. Use the energy of the New Moon NOW! It’s a powerful time, one that is speed up! Your Angels want you to fly!!! It is time!!!

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Vicki Murphy, BFA, RMPT, IEP

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