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How to disappear a headache.

headache 313How to disappear a headache.

I learned this technique years ago, however, I’ve discovered that it helps to know what is causing the headache first. If you do know, then work on alleviating the underlying cause by how you view that situation; person, place or thing. 1) So first, choose to believe that every person, place and experience is perfectly in place to teach us. It gives us this very challenge of choice. You can let that “thing” bring you down, or you can “re-story” it. For example, if you are stressed about a loved one who may not be doing what you feel is for their best good, remember that they have their own unique soul plan, that they are watched by their Angels’, that they are learning through this process (if they are allowed to go through it and ‘fail’, but not if they are rescued). See the positive possibilities in their opportunity for growth. But find some soothing thoughts to alleviate the worry and stress, only if it is momentary. If you have difficulty with this, I suggest a thorough clearing. 2) Sit in a quiet place, and close your eyes. Imagine pulling the pain out from the front of your forehead. See it leaving the head, and forming a shape in front of you. As you see this shape forming, continue watching it grow as you pull all of the pain vibration from your head. See it form a color and shape. Now, as you finish releasing it from your head, begin to see it shrink. Watch it morph and change color and shape as it begins to get smaller. Shrink it down to a dot, and then allow it to disappear altogether. It may have to be repeated, but I have found this to be effective. 3) Use the pressure point between the thumb and first (pointer) finger, and pinch (not too hard), as you are doing this exercise. The combination of all of these techniques works best when you catch the headache early. Drink plenty of water too. And remember that everything is in place for a higher purpose. Allow for the soul’s plan, yours and others, to teach and lead us into the place of opportunity. Then make different choices and be a leader, a role model, to those around you. You’ve got this!

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