How to create happiness


Happiness. 313 x 329Many people have asked me how I stay so happy, so focused, even when things are not going well.  The trick is in having a system in place.  This takes being conscious of where you are putting your energy of focus; the direction of your thoughts.  Do I have moments?  Of course, but I have learned (as you all are and will) that they are passing; fleeting.  And I have learned to look at them as an opportunity to practice ‘higher frequency’ thoughts, and to create ‘higher frequency’ habits of thought.

Lesson 1. Assess what you think or do to make yourself happy – is it healthy? 

  • Make a list.  Do you shop for instance?  If you are shopping to be happy, and you realize that the shopping is impacting your financial life and creating a strain, then it is ultimately not working for you.  Try these solutions.  Can you take your urge to shop and turn the energy toward food, or shopping for another, maybe a senior who needs help?  There are creative ways to turn anything into a positive.  And yes, this is part of how I create happiness in my life, by creating positive solutions around each challenge.

Lesson 2, Check your focus

  • After a thorough assessment of your list, get truthful with yourself.  Are you focused on, or doing things, that are making you feel bad more often than you are focused on or doing things that make you feel good?  Try this.  WARNING: This exercise will make you sad on purpose.  So maybe you should just read it without doing it first.  I use this to demonstrate how powerful your thoughts are….  Sit quietly and begin to focus on things that made you feel bad in your life.  Begin to think back to early life, try to go all that way back as far as you can.  Think back to an unhappy memory, a time when you may have been embarrassed, or a time when you were scolded for making a mistake.  Are these thoughts familiar to you?  Continue to focus on those things that are making you unhappy.  Now, think about friends who may have done something to hurt you.  Think about all the times where people may have injured your trust.  Think of times when people may have hurt you.  Focus on the incidents.  Let the pain of these moments wash over you.  Now, think about anything that hasn’t happened yet, like someone that may talk about you unkindly.  Think about your face or body and pick on an aspect that you don’t like. Think about all the things that could go wrong that haven’t yet.  Take yourself into the fear and worry.  O.k., you should be horrible by now.  If you do this for just a few minutes a day, you are creating neural pathways that will make this a habitual way of thinking and feeling – sad and unhappy.


Lesson 3, Create new focus

  • I have practiced and practiced to create a different set of neural pathways, a different habit of focus.  I used to use puppies or kittens as a focus.  It is a good momentary way to change your focus to regain your footing.  Use your imagination.  I don’t care if it is already real.  Dream!  Choose something that has no emotional component.  Then, try different things to focus on, go outside, or call a friend.  There are many ways to create a better healthier focus.  Exercise, etc.  But, you have to find what works for you!
  • I can help you clear a lot of blocked energies that keep you from being able to do this, as I have had to clear them from myself.  You must learn to love yourself enough to commit to creating happy habits of thought.  You must learn that you deserve to be happy.  You have a greater purpose here!  Each of you does.  Find out what your purpose is; dream!  It is time for you to shift into this frequency.  Leave the old ways behind!

I urge you to become more conscious of where you are putting your thought energy and focus throughout the day!!!

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