How to clear blocked energy – Part 2

Today the Angel Message is a “Part 2” to yesterday’s message regarding “Asking” for what you want, knowing what it is you want, and then asking in the right way – a way that works. Today, the message is about building on that “Asking”, and taking it to the next level – activating your energy. I was “asking” the Angels for further information regarding the guidance that was given. I was thinking about the fact that many of you have done or will have by the time they read this, the 3 steps from yesterday. So what’s next?

The next step that was given was so simple! It required an action, but not a simple “get up and go” type of action!  So what is the first action, beside the actual process of clarifying what we want and then learning to activate the vibration by using right vibration, and proper “time” clarification (statements that align with the “now”; writing as if it is already happening!)?

Creating a FUN action strategy!  It’s important that you create this with lots of fun as the objective, because, part of the “action strategy” is to keep your vibration and energy high frequency!  Just like these rocks, it takes time and commitment to create a “reality” – hence the balanced rock stack.  This could not exist without those key elements of energy being applied.  Yes, it is that simple!

So, write down 3 things that you could do that would help you “move” toward your dreams.  If you are not sure, then find someone who has created what you want, or something similar, and ask them what actions they took when they first began.  See, that could be your first action!  Here are some other examples of actions explore…

  • Find someone who is successfully doing what you desire, or whom has created what you want.  Ask them to coffee and enjoy getting to know them better, or coming up with a clever fun way to reach them to ask your questions.  [Remember, you may be marketing yourself to them in order to “gain” an audience if they are super busy.] Make it fun for them too.  For example, perhaps you write a note that is creative and funny, describing funny things that are happening that you would like to change.  Include your objectives and then asking for their creative input.
  • How about placing yourself “in the way”?  This can be getting a temporary job in the field that you would like to “play” in, or even volunteering to “get your foot in the door”.
  • Keep your vibration high by doing “right actions” like taking time for you!  Go to a meditational place, or listen to music that keeps your energy high!  Use all of your senses to engage your vibrational energy and create a “shift”.
  • Offer to help others who are wanting the same thing – form a group!

If these are a bit of a stretch, you may be a soul who is here to study “Trust” and so you may want to build on that first.  Try these actions to build trust in your ability to create with your Angels.

Pick something to manifest that you have no emotional attachment to.  This means that you don’t really “care” too much if it doesn’t happen right away.  Examples of what to ask your Angels to help you experience today….

  • A penny
  • A feather
  • A cup of coffee from someone
  • Hearts in any form
  • The smell of roses
  • To hear bells
  • The taste of chocolate (without having eaten any!)

Then, when it shows up, stand in gratitude!  This is the highest frequency of “vibration” and maintain it for as long as you can with “right” thoughts.  “I aligned with this with help from my Angels”; “I am learning to focus my energy and to use it to create!”   “I am supported here, and can create more and more of what I want with a little practice!”

Have fun with this.  It takes a willingness to practice!  But it’s a fun way to practice, so let go of any negative belief and thought energy.  If you are having a hard time with this, then maybe the “right” action is to have a session for clearing.  If so, then please call me at (949)677-6314

Wishing You Peace, Health & Happiness,

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