How to clear blocked energy -part 1

The keys to blocked energy, no matter who is doing the blocking or why they may be blocking themselves, are:

1) They are not clear about what they want. (See the 3 steps to get clear below).

2) Therefore, they are not able to ask for it – so they are not asking in a way that they are “heard” (at least not in a way that can be answered. I’ll explain and give an example in a minute.)

3) And, when they do ask for something, they are not asking the “right” way.

So, this ultimately creates a lack of ability to create and attract what is wanted. And that creates a wonky vibration; a battle between belief’s. You see others doing it, so you know it is possible, yet you cannot seem to create/attract what you want, so you doubt that it is possible. Or you doubt that thing that you want exists. Or you doubt that it exists for you. All of these thoughts are symptoms of either lack of faith, which shows up for those who are seeking to master trusting in this lifetime. Or a symptom of lack of self-love, which shows up for those who are seeking to reach a master level of self-love; a belief that they are deserving of all of the good that they can create – all that is here for them.

How to correct block #1, knowing what you want.  How to correct block #2, asking in a way that will be “heard”, and how to correct block #3, asking in the right way.

[First, write down what you “think” you want.  We’re going to “trouble shoot”.]

Getting clear about what you want:

1)      Write in the positive-affirmative.  This means never write what you don’t want!  Example of a positive-affirmative statement:  I now attract a healthy and happy significant other into my life, or I now attract a wonderful, exciting job.  [Note, these statements are incomplete, and I will explain why and what I mean by that as we go.  But for now, they will serve as examples.]  Here are examples of the opposite of a positive affirmative statement would look like.  Do not write it like this:  I now attract someone who is a non-smoker, or I now attract a job where there are no bullies, or I now enjoy a car that doesn’t break down.

Asking in a way that will be “heard” – a way that will “work”:

2)      Imagine how it will feel when you achieve this thing that you want.  Now, write down all the positive feelings that it evokes, and include them into your statement like this [and this will help you write a complete statement; one that includes what you want and how it will make you feel – but there is one more important rule, so hang in there!]  Example:  I now attract a healthy and happy significant other into my life.  I feel relaxed, happy, euphoric, and I love how easy we are together.  [You will be adding to this, but for now, this will serve as our example.]

Asking the “right” way:

3)      The most important thing is to write it as if it is already created; already in place in your life.  Sit yourself in that experience and really feel it to be able to write it as if it already has happened.

This will allow you to clarify what you want but telling yourself (which has to happen first) how you want it to feel.  The feeling part is the key.  Don’t worry about any of the details, but focus on how you want it to feel.  However, leave room for growth!  Whether it is a relationship or a job, realize that once you have created what you “think” you want, there may be some corrections, or additions.  If you are thinking anything “negative” about this, like, “Wow, this would by selfish of me to want more”, or “Oh great, will I never be satisfied then?”  This is simply negative thinking that creates a negative vibration in your body.  Stop.  Then readjust to a healthier happier thought, “I deserve to have my needs and wants met.”  Or, “I love myself and am excited to be on this path to create more of what I want.”  Sometimes you attract a partial success that may not be apparent to you at first.  It is part of the learning process.  Allow for it, and switch the thought to, “I am proud of my ability to create – I created a partial success!”  “I am that much closer to what I want to create and attract!”

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