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I Treat Myself With Gentle Kindness and Respect

Practice being gentle with yourself; speak to yourself with a loving voice (could be the voice of a grandparent, or any other voice you choose). Why? You energetically train others to treat you the same way. It’s quantum physics; like attracts like. You must become an energetic match to what you want. People who get close to you can feel how you feel about you, and tend to want to align with what feels good (as they want to feel good too). The more often you are gentle with yourself, the easier it becomes for others to be gentle with you, and for you to be gentle to others. Pretty soon, the heavy, negative commentary of the world, and those around you, stops harming you, because deep down you’ve stopped harming you. The world mirrors back the energy you throw at yourself.

The day you become consistently self-loving, nothing can harm you again.

Any time a child or adult is not completely gentle with you (or someone else) in any way, you know that deep down they are not being gentle with themselves. All mentally, emotionally and physically abusive acts in this world are people begging for love. Any form of aggression screams “I am wounded and I don’t know how to love myself”. We all can get caught in an illusion that we are unlovable, and/or unworthy of love, feeling powerless and incapable of creating it for ourselves. It is the wounded child inside who doesn’t know how to trust.

When we begin to be gentle with ourselves no matter what, any old self abusing pattern or behavior changes, and we will see a completely new human being manifest before our very eyes. People will respond to you differently.

Here’s the assignment: Be gentle with yourself no matter what occurs for the next 24 hours. If we could measure your level of commitment on a scale of 1-100, where do you feel you’re at right now?

What would it take to move just one degree closer to 100%? Consistent practice is essential. Notice how you feel at the end of 24 hours.

Try out this simple meditation:

Imagine your greatest problem, emotional issue, or challenge you’re facing right now. Close your eyes for a moment and imagine writing that message with chalk on a Magic blackboard in front of you. As you read the message, notice any voices, images, or thoughts that show up. Now, imagine the chalk becoming dust, and magically shifting the images and words on it. See how they rearrange themselves and create something positive. Now read the new message that has been created. What does it say? Don’t forget; reward yourself in a healthy way! Eat something that’s good for you or go for a walk in nature!


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