How to Attract Love

First, the 3 things that you must do….

1) Are you treating yourself with Love? Doing nice things for you? Supporting yourself in all ways; emotionally, and physically, which means listening to yourself, and following through on your own wants and needs?

2) Are you “being” the person you want to attract? Check “how” you behave in your friendships. Do you feel you are too needy, or do you get your feelings hurt easily if someone doesn’t behave in the way you want? Or, do you confidently take it as guidance, and easily allow for the experience? To understand this part of this channeled message, go here to read more about Being the Person You Want to Attract.

3) Are you having fun? Just with YOU? This is honoring the soul, and creating independent support for you. Not being dependent on being with anyone to create fun, to have fun, in your life is key! You must be capable of finding bliss all by yourself first.

If you are constantly bemoaning the fact that this “thing” that you are doing would be so much more fun with that special someone, you are shooting yourself in the foot energetically!

You are running low frequency energy, energy of your beliefs, thoughts and/or your feelings, through your body that literally creates either 1) a wall so that the “right” person cannot get in, or 2) is attracting the “wrong” person, because you are attracting what you are putting out – and may attract others who are either sad, or not able to “love themselves” all by themselves.

The reason this is so important is because in order to attract a loving mate, one who can truly love you, they have to be able to love themselves wholly first! That means, you have to “be” that person to attract that person; the person who loves themselves “wholly” first.

And, here we are. You have to become what you want to attract. So, check yourself and be honest. Are you doing those top 3 things?

Other tips to help you…

It is a gift to be sensitive. It allows you to “feel” what feels right about a person, place, or thing, and/or to see and “feel” what does not feel right. This is a safety mechanism, and a tool for guidance. If you listen to your “feelings” you will be lead easily to that which is a better fit for you in all things. Learn to use this tool!

Being truthful and in touch with your feelings is extremely important in order to allow them to lead you. If you ignore these feelings, and act out of desperation, wanting this person to “be” the right one, ignoring how you are truly feeling, ignoring “red flags”, the reality of that person will “pop” in time, and exactly what you knew, what you felt, those “red flags”, in the beginning will not be able to be ignored! And you will have to face what you didn’t want to in the beginning, so be truthful with how you are feeling. Do not beat yourself up if and when this happens, saying that you “wasted time”. You needed the lesson, and could not march forward toward what you really want, without collecting that data and information. Not sure about how you feel? Then take your time! Do not rush in to something because you want it to be what it cannot be.

How to use the “truth” of what you are feeling

The trick is in not “judging” what does not feel good, but rather allowing yourself to re-frame it as guidance. So, if someone doesn’t call you back, or they say hurtful words (and maybe, you think, others may not be hurt by those words, but I am sensitive and so it did hurt me!), or they all of a sudden are acting as if they do not want to be around you as much as they used to, and/or possibly have started hanging out with other people, or another person in particular, why do we get hung up on judging what does not feel good? Why do we make the judgement about us?

In order to use these “truths” you must re-frame it all as guidance, and see what they information is that you are to collect. If someone doesn’t seem to “fit” with you, it is simply a fact that you are not “right” for one another. However, if you constantly are running a pattern of energy, attracting the same “wrong” type, or falling out of “like” or love with the person, or have other patterns that you create, then it is time to go deeper and find out what is underlying – if you truly want to attract love. If you do not, and perhaps you are comfortable “not being in love” and “not being vulnerable” then continue doing exactly what you are, and you will be “safe” from love.

We are here challenging ourselves in our soul plan to master many things using relationships and love as our growth tools; self-love, self-support, trust, self-worth, getting back in touch with our feelings, overcoming many fears along the way to evolve and grow our soul, etc. We put a beliefs in place that we are not good enough, or worthy, or able to support ourselves and our dreams and desires are less important than that of others, to name just a few of the challenges we use. There is a myriad of ways we challenge ourselves. To find what your unique soul plan is and to identify your challenges, have a Soul Reading done. Call me to schedule at (949)677=6314, and leave a message, or text me. Or of course you can email me too at

We have put these challenges in place to be able to use them for lots of reasons. The 3 biggest reasons are to help us in identifying where the energy is stuck; seeing what needs to shift and adjust; as motivation for change; to allow us to make different choices, and more depending on your unique soul’s plan. We are in a “free will choice” dimension, which means we get to choose how long we stay in a painful place, and further, what we are going to “make” of the pain. Are YOU going to use it to grow or to stay stuck? This is a choice. Are you going to continue to belief something that is not helping you? Are you going to seek to understand what that belief is, and to heal it? These are all choices born of your challenges. Enjoy this food for thought, and please apply it to grow and to heal to allow for LOVE to come into your life!

Wishing You Peace, Health & Happiness,




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