Full Moon Water Recipe

To make full moon water, you will need:

Filtered water, or rain water

A glass bottle or bowl

Non-Water Soluble Crystals (Optional, and not during a Moon of Completion)


Place the water in the bowl.  Add crystals if you are using them – NOTE:  Make sure they are not water soluble, and that it’s not a Full Moon of Completion.  Then set the water in a safe place outside under the moon and say a prayer to bless the water and to set the intention that the water (molecular structure) receive the energy of the full moon.

Sample Blessing:

Angels and our heavenly helpers,

Bestow blessings on this water.

Allow the moon to fill the bowl,

With beautiful love.

Say this 3 times, and leave the bowl under the full moon until the morning.

You may fill spray bottles with this, and keep the rest in the refrigerator.

Use the blessed moon water to bless your home and office, or in all manifesting or healing rituals.  This will help amplify all of the good energy, and call in your Angels.

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