Forgiveness- It’s time to lose the fear

forgiveness ill for ray square.jpg 300-300What benefit do you get when you make somebody wrong; when you make yourself right and that other person wrong? Why is it so important for some people to be right? Part of the reason involves proving to them that others are not trustworthy. If they are wrong then therefore their words cannot be trusted (just like they thought). This allows the person, the accuser, to stay in comfortably uncomfortable energy, feeling that the world at large is not trustworthy, that they can’t trust anybody but themselves. This effectively cuts off energy of life experience, falsely protecting them from life experiences, and isn’t good for anybody. It can become a bad habit. And often it is in place as part of a Karmic challenge that is to teach us to become stronger, to gain freedom from perceived fears. This is how we can use this knowledge to grow ourselves. But first we have to become aware that we are doing this, and that takes being brave and truthful with ourselves. Do a cost analysis. What is this type of thinking costing you? Think of all that you may be missing out on as you stand back from life, afraid that you may get hurt. Now think of all you could be experiencing in fun and excitement, in better friends, in better love relationships, in your relationship with self (self-esteem).  Isn’t it time to lose the fear?

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Love and Peace.

Vicki Murphy, BFA, RMPT, IEP


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