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Foods and Vibrational attachment having to do with Past lives

Fear of foods for ray square.jpg 312 x 312Do you have anxiety when driving by agricultural fields?  Are you afraid of potatoes, or possibly allergic?  Read this to see how and why your past lives may be impacting you.

Things that grow in the dirt, legumes, peanuts, root vegetables, etc. hold the vibration of the earth/dirt, the vibration of the growers, harvesters in the here and now + the vibrations of the meaning of dirt from your past lives.  Example:  if you have lived through hardships regarding in ground agriculture, like crop failures, or diseased crops, or not enough crops or hardship regarding a specific crop, like the potato famine, or other negative moments, these negative hardships create negative vibrations related to any actions or products related to that incident.  Further this can create negative vibrations directly connected to the planting of, the harvesting of or the eating of ground grown crops.  That negative memory (energy vibration of emotion) is stored within your spiritual bodies (aura’s, chakras, elemental bodies, etc.) & your cellular bodies (both energetic and physical energy memories within your cells, your meridians/nervous system, etc.).  The result is that when you engage in an activity that causes the memories to be triggered, or eat one of the ground grown foods that trigger the memories to be triggered, the neural transmitters, and your spiritual bodies, have a reaction that creates a symptom within your physical and energetic bodies.  This can create an allergic reaction, which is just the body/spirit trying to reject the negative vibration that is being triggered by that food, or action.

Symptoms that get triggered can range from the physical (allergic bio reactions, rashes, heart racing, breathing challenges swelling, etc.), or emotional reactions, (sadness, anger, frustration, hopelessness, etc.).

Important, the more that you run this energy, the more it becomes a habit of reaction.  So if you don’t listen to what your body is trying to say to you, it will get louder and louder.  If there is an emotional wound or physical symptom created by the emotional wound that the negative vibration is triggering, and you don’t address it, it will get bigger.  Part of that is like-attracting-like; quantum physics of the energy.  And it is put in place to allow us an opportunity to grow.  This happens when we make different choices; we make different decisions in thoughts and actions.

Relief comes when you figure out what the trigger is, the origin in past lives, and address what is triggering you, and how, in this lifetime.  This takes identifying the origin of the trigger in this lifetime (the food, beverage, action, etc. for example).  We then ask Spirit to help us discover the incident that triggered the reaction in this lifetime, and then to help us discover the origin of the emotion in relation to this trigger in past lives.

Simple example.  In a past life if you were living in a time where food was scarce, and you were eating limited foods like potatoes, and then disease broke out, how would you be feeling?  Just imagine it…The fear of not enough food, in combination with being sick of eating the same thing, but fearing death if you didn’t eat it, and fearing death from disease.  These situations may hold vibrations of fear, anxiety, frustration, anger, blame, guilt, shame, etc.  Now, come forward into this life time where you may have an allergic reaction to some food, or possibly have an eating disorder related to guilt, shame and blame (of having potatoes/other food to eat in that past life, knowing that others didn’t have anything and were dying as a result, and/or feeling guilty for not being thankful for those potatoes – feeling like you were sick of eating the same thing over and over).  Or it may show up in this lifetime in a way where possibly you over-eat fearing there will not be enough food.  Or where you get physically ill when you look at a potato, or any root vegetable that was grown in the ground.  Maybe you hate driving by Agricultural fields.  These vibrational reactions or allergies can show up in many forms as the body tries to avoid the circumstances that they remember being associated with that food or activity.

Do a past life look to see how you may have been impacted by your past lives!

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Love and Peace.

Vicki Murphy, BFA, RMPT, IEP

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