Flow Love Out

Flow love_n.jpg 313 x313Angel Message:

Flow Love out to the world. Imagine loving everything that you see, and having appreciation for all that exists around you – having appreciation for this amazing physical experience of learning and growth. Stay focused on that for a few minutes, and do it regularly throughout the day. Create a new habit of love!
Affirmation: I love everything and everyone. I am love!
Action: Imagine sending pink light love all over the entire planet. Watch it flow over the grass and trees and continue around, covering all living things. Let it flow over the entire world. Join me in this and know that it is making a difference. We will not let darkness win, nor let it into our lives. And when we are faced with any negativity, we will not entertain it for long. If we need to grieve a loss, then we will honor this, but honor ourselves in moving forward to gain ground in the light. Stand in a circle of light within your mind, and feel the strength that I am sending you, that the Angel’s and God Source energy is offering to you.
“Supporting you in Health & Happiness!!!”
Love and Peace,






Vicki Murphy, BFA, RMPT, IEP
Intuitive Counselor
Certified Psychic Medium
Reiki Master Healer
Medical Intuitive
Reverend and Spiritual Advisor
Corporate Consultant

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