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As some of you may know, I sent out an intention to attract those who were ready, willing and able to expand and grow; attracting those that are ready for comprehensive and intensive sessions that sometimes resemble Psychic Boot Camp.
Because of this intention, I have been gifted with amazing students for my Reiki 1 classes. And especially because the energy of this intention has been amplified as we move through time; we are growing at a rapid rate and raising our frequencies exponentially. It is my latest class that I am writing this story about. More and more are choosing to step into their place of power, more and more are choosing to experience and learn about their inherent gifts, both intuitively and in their healing abilities.
First let me preface. The way that I teach Reiki is expanded. I teach the traditional Usui Method, but because each of us is a unique energy frequency, I have included some teachings that support that for each individual. For example, some have Chakra systems that spin clockwise and sometimes counter-clockwise. Our unique frequency and way of being is definitely affected by our individual soul plans here; our objectives for our souls growth and expansion. So along with the traditional teachings, I incorporate some special information regarding each person’s unique energy. (This allows each person the freedom to cultivate their strongest abilities as they journey into their unlimited potential. There is no ‘wrong’ way to run your inherent energy and to work with what comes naturally, as long as you always keep the intention that your work be for the greatest good of the soul you are working with; the client or seeker of your services.) As well, I incorporate a part of the course that I call “Tangible Results”. This allows each of the students to actually see a real result using Reiki Energy after they are attuned. During my quest for ways to ‘show’ people their power, to make the Reiki Energy tangible, I decided to have each student Reiki individual glasses of wine. I had them use a particular method on one glass (there was just a taste in each glass), and to have a second taste in a separate glass next to it. (After we finished, I had everyone use the wine in a celebratory gesture upon obtaining certifications.) The wine that we had used Reiki Energy on was much smoother and fabulous, compared to the wine that had not received the energy. It was extremely distinct, not like, “Yeah, I think I can taste a difference”. And every single student had a fabulous result! It was fun and exciting, and a great way to ‘see’ the strength of Reiki Energy as a whole and for each of the students. I use other methods of tangible results as well, and feel that it is a great way to help each student build confidence in their abilities!
Look for the next Certification opportunity here, or email me at Vicki@WestCoastMedium.com. I look forward to supporting you in your growth and expansion!

“Supporting you in Health & Happiness!!!”

Love and Peace,

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Vicki Murphy, BFA, RMPT, IEP

Intuitive Counselor
Certified Psychic Medium
Reiki Master Healer
Medical Intuitive
Reverend and Spiritual Advisor
Corporate Consultant

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