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There are times when I have been given past life information to help a client understand certain choices or lessons as they are walking through them.  This is given for the purpose of growth and/or healing always.  This is not something to be taken lightly, and it doesn’t happen in every psychic session.  But when it does occur, I find it extremely helpful.  This is not to say that if we are doing a past life regression specifically that we will not get the information, but that is a different “asking” and a different type of session.  In those we are expecting to see into a past life.  The story that follows is unique in that it illustrates how ‘tuned in’ our guides are to our needs, and to what we need to know as we are involved in moments of growth.  They want us to know that they walk with us and guide us; I always say we are guided, guarded, and protected.  Use your intuition; it is a tool for communication between you and your guides and angels.
The Young Nurse   

A young woman, around 27, came to see me.  As she entered my office she started to tell me her story, that the doctors said that she couldn’t have children.  I immediately stopped her.  First I like to get pure, unadulterated information from our angels and spirit guides; God’s helpers and ours.  So I don’t want too much information, other than maybe a direction, like, I’d like to look at relationships, or I’d like to look at career, or I’d like you to look at my health.
Spirit Guides and the Angelic Realm give information specific to each client, according to where they are standing in their life; specific to the lesson they are experiencing in that moment.  The information will be helpful and specific to their current life, past, present or future, or may be about their past life or lives.  With this in mind, I had the client sit in front of me.  She was an attractive girl that had a good energy about her; she looked happy despite what she had just revealed to me.  I knew that this information was important to her but she was obviously thriving in her life.  I proceeded to pray and ask my guides and hers to help us; to allow me to step aside so that the information coming through would not be tainted by my opinions/experiences or emotions.  Then I took her hands.  At this point my expectation was that I would be looking into her physical body (one of the gifts that I have is that I am a physical intuitive).  I always start a reading by doing an “energy reading” where the angelic realm shows me symbolically what is going on in this person’s life; where they are standing.  So I did not expect to see what I did.
Upon taking her hands a mini movie began to play out in front of me.  It was the young woman, and she was in a nurse’s uniform.  It was tattered and torn, and dirty.  The picture was in shades of gray and brown, energetically quite dark.  I was given the information that this setting was war torn Germany.  As the Spirit Guides continued, they showed me that she was being physically violated by a soldier of a different nationality.  It was violent, yet she was not fighting back.  I watched the life force drain from her body.  Although she did not die then, she gave up.  And I had the feeling that she did not live much longer after that.  This was a very vivid picture.  The guides then told me that it was a recent past life, and that she came back again to experience the same things/circumstances, but to have a “different outcome”.
Now, as I was channeling this information from this state of “light trance”, I was thinking, “Oh my gosh!  Am I telling this poor girl that she’s going to be violated in the same way???”  I was horrified.  Upon opening my eyes, I asked her if she in fact was German, as she didn’t have blond hair, or blue eyes (yes, quite silly of me, as German peoples have a variety of hair and eye color, but I was reeling from what I had just seen and told her, and my best friend is German and has blond hair and blue eyes).  It was a bit of a cowardly distraction that I was trying to pull.  However, she looked right at me in the eyes and said, yes, that she was in fact German, but what she said next really confirmed the validity of what we were getting in the reading, and it moved me emotionally.  She told me that that wasn’t the weirdest part.  As I sat on the edge of my seat with a straight back anticipating her reveal, she said, “I’m also a nurse, and I was violently raped when I was 18”.  I was floored; shocked actually.  It is my job to be the healer, even as I am the purveyor of this information, and I continued on.  And it doesn’t matter how many times I see past lives, and I do so all the time, almost every day now, I am still in awe and often emotionally impacted.
I was immediately glad to see that she was in fact having a very different outcome this lifetime.  Relief flooded through me and I went on to the next part of the reading; I looked inside her body to see what was going on with her reproductive system.  I had asked her not to tell me anything regarding this, so I did not have any information about what the medical professionals had told her.  As I closed my eyes and went inside her lower abdominal area, I could see that her fallopian tube and ovary on one side were dark and shriveled.  I was given the information that they were not functioning.  On the other side, there was a perfectly healthy ovary.  However, there was no egg production.  Then all of a sudden, one egg shot through.  Then, there was a delay after that first egg, and then another one fired through.  They gave me the information that there was very sporadic egg production, but that she could, in fact, have children.  It would be very difficult, as her body’s egg production was so infrequent and erratic.
This lifetime, and set of circumstances were a challenge that she had set up for herself to erase her Karmic energy; she was very sad and disappointed in her choice not to fight in her last life, and not to have all that she had intended.  She had given up happiness, love, having a family; all of her dreams.  In this lifetime, she was happily married, had a career that she loved helping others, and was now able to look forward to being able to have the children that she had always wanted; to have a family.
This past life information, so unexpected, was exactly the information that she needed to continue her spiritual evolution and growth in this lifetime; to continue on this, at times, painful, challenging and difficult journey.
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Love and Peace,
Vicki Murphy, BFA, RMPT, IEP

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