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dish-spoon-for-everyday-blog-210x210Why do we get pulled out of our happiness vibration?  We wake up feeling good, maybe we’ve meditated and cleared our minds and are listening to our spiritual guidance; maybe we’re excited about all that we are manifesting and working towards.  And all of a sudden our attention goes sideways.  We notice something that is not right as we walk through our ‘moment’; the dish that you asked your son to put in the dishwasher is still there, or you receive a text message and see something you don’t like – and you begin to focus on these things.  You get pulled out of your higher vibration – but WHY?!

Why do we have these moments of bliss and then find our focus wandering? First it’s important to understand that everything has a purpose!  When we are able to disconnect and meditate and awake feeling good, we are practicing a higher vibration; one that will allow us to grow and achieve more and more of what we want, spiritually and physically.  When we get distracted, we are being given information.  And often there are multiple purposes for this information.  If we notice a dish out of place, in a sink full of dirty water (from last night), and it causes irritation, it is giving you information.  First, you are allowing yourself to alter your focus, spiraling down into lower frequency feelings, and rather than believing that it will get taken care of (and it will), you are stepping out of trust, and this will actually facilitate the opposite.  Secondly, in that moment in time, it is also giving you an opportunity to choose.  You can re-write your moment by either doing it yourself (which won’t feel good, and won’t allow you or the other person to grow) or you can do this energy exercise.  Allow for the dish to be there, and say, “It will get taken care of.” Take a moment to envision it getting taken care of.  See how relieved and good you will feel.  See how good the other person will feel.  Maybe you just imagine the counter cleaned off and everything as you like it.  Take a second to do this.  Then project this feeling of relief out.  Allow it to flood you, and see it moving through the other person.  You can see it as calm, peaceful energy.  Then stand in gratitude, as if it has already occurred, thankful that all is well.  Now, gently turn your attention away from it and back to a higher frequency focus.  ( Notice what your triggers are, as they will be more helpful to see origins later; to eliminate them all together and to stay in higher frequency of happiness more easily, and for longer and longer periods of time.  This is a great way to boost your creative abilities.)

So when we are pulled out of our higher frequency, you are ‘seeing’ an aspect of you; as if looking into a mirror. It is giving you information about what triggers you.  You may want to look at an origin of the triggers you discover to dissipate the energy completely at a later date.  And secondly, it is giving you an opportunity for growth; trust that all is well, and to practice a higher vibration no matter what the situation is around you.  You are being given a choice to choose to be in ‘good’ control of your energy; to choose your focus, vs letting it choose you.  In other words, we want to embrace these challenging moments where we are pulled out of our happy place.  They are giving us opportunities to grow ourselves!  So look around, find what triggers you, take note, and make good choices about where and how you are spending your energy.  Choose to embrace those opportunities to practice, strengthening your vibration of happiness, no matter what the circumstances are.  Love every moment of it!

So my humorous follow up is this. Imagine you as a cartoon figure, looking agitated, maybe even yelling about it.  I have seen my cartoon self in my robe, hair on end, grouchy – and honestly, it is pretty far from how I am now, but NOT how I used to be.  It makes me laugh and helps me see what I am doing as the ‘old’ way of being; the ‘old’ me.  See yourself as a cartoon with your hair standing on end.  And observe yourself as if you were outside of yourself watching; not very attractive, right?  Do you really want to ‘be’ that way?  Or do you want to be the ‘happy’ cartoon picture of yourself, where all is well and you are beautifully supported in all that you want to create?  Change the picture in your mind; smooth the hair, see yourself beginning to glow, being calm.  You can see yourself slimming down (if your trigger is the scale, and you want to toss it out the window – yes, have been there too!), or having more energy, or whatever and however you want to ‘be’.  Whenever we see something in a humorous way, it is higher frequency energy, and helps to create what we want, whether it is healing release, or an outcome of the dish going away (or the scale coming into compliance).  Have fun in this physical existence!  It’s a choice ~

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Love and Peace,
Vicki Murphy, BFA, RMPT, IEP
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