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Are you blocking your Angels

blocking angelsDon’t worry!  About anything!  Don’t worry if you didn’t do a “full moon release” last night (the energy is still strong, you can do it tonight).  Don’t worry if you didn’t get the laundry done, don’t worry about “that person”, don’t worry if you didn’t do that “thing” that you wanted to.  I was sitting in my garden, meditating and asking my Angels how I could motivate my 16-year-old daughter, who’s plate is full preparing for college, to overcome her feelings of being overwhelmed.  How could I best motivate her in a positive way?  And I admit, my question was cloaked in WORRY – worry that she wouldn’t be able to get it all done.
That’s when I was told not to worry, but NOT because our Angels were going to swoop in to “rescue” us and “resolve” everything magically!  No, this was a gentle reminder that the “worry” was adding low frequency to the situation.  That “worry” wasn’t helping anyone!  In fact, it wasn’t “allowing” for any “help” from my Angels to come through!  I was inadvertently “blocking” help from my Angels!
When we worry, we are keeping ourselves in a “non-receiving” position of “low frequency”.  And, since like energy attracts like, we may be increasing the angst, fear or any other negative energy within the situation.  We are broadcasting a signal of energy that says, “I don’t trust that everything will work out”.  And often we create that very outcome.  This energy signal says, “I don’t trust myself, or another, to be able to handle that ‘thing’.”  These beliefs are aligned with the study of “trust” here, and are often triggered in our youth, learned through things that we have seen, heard or felt.  But no blame!  These patterns are in place to challenge us to “choose” different beliefs; about ourselves and about others.
And as soon as we put “new” beliefs in place, things begin to shift.  Our energy aligns with a higher frequency, and our Angels can be more heard, felt and seen.  It doesn’t mean that they weren’t there, working all along, but out of love for us and our soul plans, out of love for all that we are here to learn, they know that in certain situations, interference does not help us learn.  For them to interfere would only interfere with our learning process, our choices, and may actually prolong the very angst that we are standing in.  Our Angels are here to help GUIDE us, not make the choices for us!
Are you blocking “help” from your Angels and Guides?
Affirmation:  I release fear and worry on purpose.  I choose to look at all that has “worked out” in the past.  I am (or someone I am worried about, is) loved!  I (or someone I am worried about, is) am protected.  I am getting out of the way of my Angels!  And my favorite, EVERYTHING ALWAYS WORKS OUT.  Call on Archangel Michael to release stress, worry, and fear.  Michael is the Angel of truth, justice and protection, and helps you with your strength and courage.  You may feel a warmth or see a bright, saturated blue when you call on him.  He is a clear communicator and often you can hear his voice during times of angst.
Action:  Use the LOVE within you.  Calling on your Guardian’s, and Angels of Light for this exercise, give the worry or fear a ‘symbol’ (it can simply be the letter “W”, or something more elaborate).  Then begin by breathing in Love; see it as white light, the white light of the Angels.  Focus and allow yourself to visit with the fear; feel it, and allow yourself to stand in it.  See the symbol that you have given it begin to dissipate.  See it disappear with each exhaled breath.  Or imagine giving it to your Angels to take from you so that you can become a clearer channel for “help” and “allowing”.    See the Angelic white light fill your body, and as you relax your body, mind and soul, exhale all fear and worry.  Follow the breath out, and release.  Continue to breathe naturally, and release further with each exhaled breath.  After you have cleared the space, imagine filling it with the white Angelic light; love, compassion, trust, allowing, wisdom and knowing.  Feel the energy flow in.  See yourself surrounded by the white light of the Angels.  They are always around you and everyone else you love.  Let’s choose to help them by staying out of fear and worry as much as we can.
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