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toe-talk-jpg-310-x-310The Chakra system is one that I have used to explain what I see in the body regarding “stuck” energy.  In my practice as an Integrative Energy Practitioner, a Medical Intuitive and a Past Life Specialist, I find this system to be chock full of information!  Information includes emotional aspects and physical symptoms that specific emotions and vibrations create within our bodies.  These systems are affected by the emotion behind our thoughts.  Our thoughts then form beliefs that lead us to take action.  So if there are blocks within these systems, there are often symptoms, physical and emotional, including the physical inability to take actions to create what we want in our lives.  These symptoms can become so “loud” that they then create physical symptoms within the body.  Each chakra relates to an area of your physical body and anatomy.  And each chakra is related to specific soul studies of the virtues that we have chosen to come here to master; i.e., trust, unconditional love, unconditional support, etc.  So each has specific organs and physiology that it affects as it corresponds to specific areas of the body.

Understanding this can help you create better health and wellbeing – but you do not need to understand!  You can use my book, “How to Use Your Body as a Tool for Healing” along with my specially developed cards that I have created with the Angels for clearing and realignment; for healing.

Here are the 7 focus areas of energy, and their physiological aspects, and the soul study virtues (areas of mastery), they are aligned with.

  1. First focus area

(Root Chakra; aligned with the study of safety and support):

This focus area affects body systems that support us physically, and emotionally.  Areas include our bones and bone structure, including joints; our soft tissues of support, muscles, tendons and ligaments; our circulatory system and blood (as it flows throughout the body).  And all body systems that keep us safe, including our immune system, and our skin which is a protective layer around us.  Energetically this includes our Aura layers, and energetic bodies. This focus area of energy is the physical area of the body that is at the base of the spine, and at the apex of the legs (where the legs meet the body). Affects can be seen, or felt in the lower back, organs in the lower body, hips and knee joints.  This area of focus is also affected by the health, acceptance and love of our family or other souls and/or groups of people.  Healing this requires learning to support yourself emotionally and physically, and learning to ask and allow the support of others.  In releasing blocks in this soul study, will help you create better health in that area of your body.

  1. Second focus area

(Sacral Chakra; aligned with the study of unconditional self-love, and finance as a tool for love of self and others):

This focus area affects is in the abdomen, and affects reproductive organs (uterus, ovaries, vagina, prostate, testes), lower organs of elimination (bladder, intestines), and organs of digestion (the stomach, pancreas, etc.).  These are the physical areas that hold the energy of unconditional acceptance and love, or the lack of it.  This is involved when we are here to master unconditional love of the self, and through that study, the unconditional love and acceptance of others.  Money is a tool for loving the self and others, so finance is an area that may be symptomatic.  Relationships are also affected when engaged in this study; they may be lacking or unhealthy patterns may show up.  Healing this focus area requires learning to accept and love yourself emotionally & physically, unconditionally, despite what others may think; despite their judgements.  In releasing blocks in this soul study, will help you create better health in that area of your body.

     3. Third focus area

(Solar Plexus Chakra; aligned with the study of emotions; feeling them, and accepting them as a system of guidance):

This focus area, under the ribs, above the abdomen, affects the upper digestive tract (esophagus, liver, and gallbladder), metabolism, and the diaphragm.  These areas hold resistance to being in touch with our feelings, and healthy self-esteem (feeling good enough).  Our emotions are our guidance center.  They help to keep us safe, telling us what feels good and what does not.  A blockage here can result in wandering into faulty relationships, low self-image, and digestive challenges within the organs in that area.  It is a necessary tool, to be able to feel, to create what you want; to create what truly feels good to you.  Many who are blocked may suffer from not knowing or being in touch with what they want; what they are passionate about. Healing this area of focus requires learning to hear yourself emotionally; to feel what feels right and/or wrong to you.  In releasing blocks in this soul study, will help you create better health in that area of your body.

  1. Fourth focus area

(Heart Chakra; aligned with the study of unconditional trust of the self, and others):

This focus area, in the chest area, affects the Heart, lungs, and the breasts, as well as the rib cage and other tissue within this area of the chest. This area is involved in the study of unconditional trust of self, or the lack of trust.  Energy that is resistant and creates a block can affect our relationship to self; trusting in our inner voice, and acting on that “knowing”.  Blocks in this area can keep us from getting too close to people, often creating a feeling of loneliness and isolation; keeping you from gathering necessary life information from others for your growth here.  A lack of trusting in feelings, your intuition, is a product of an energy block in this area.  Fearing that others will judge you also indicates an energy block in the area of trusting others to be supportive of you; a lack of trusting that you are strong enough to handle their judgements, and that you are able to rebound.  This is the necessary outcome, trusting in the self, that will help complete this soul study, and create optimum health in this area of your body.  Healing this requires learning to trust yourself, and learning to allow yourself to learn to trust others.  In releasing blocks in this soul study, you will begin to regain strength, learning to easily put healthy boundaries in place, which allows you to gather information from other souls for your growth.  This will help you create better health in that area of your body and closer relationships; both friend relationships and love relationships.

  1. Fifth focus area

(Throat Chakra; aligned with the study of speaking for your needs & wants; being heard):

This focus area affects the neck, thyroid, mouth, teeth, and jaw; areas of the throat. This is the area that is involved in the soul study of speaking up for our needs and wants, and being hear first by the self, and then by others.  Mastery of this is absolutely necessary in order to create your dreams and desires.  Blocks in this area can make us say “yes” when we really want to say “no”.  Blocks can keep us from hearing what the soul wants & needs, and can make us exhausted.  This area is involved in nourishing the soul, both physically and emotionally.  What are you feeding yourself?  Healing this area requires learning to hear yourself, and learning to allow yourself to ask for help from others; speaking your needs and wants to them.  In releasing blocks in this soul study, you will begin to repair self-esteem damage, get in touch with who you really are, and begin defining what you want to create while you are learning here.  This will help you create better health in that area of your body and better relationship to yourself; learning who you are and how you really feel.  You will regain strength in being able to talk with others. This affects all areas of your life.

  1. Sixth focus area

(Third Eye Chakra; aligned with the mastery of your intuition; trusting what you are getting):

This focus area is between the brows, and affects the head, eyes, ears, and brain. This area is involved in the study of receiving dimensional information, intuitively, and trusting what you are receiving.  This affects our thoughts, and beliefs, which directly affects our ability to create; it is a system of guidance as well.  Mental health, headaches, eye irritation, vision challenges, and ability to hear, are all areas that may be affected if there is a block in this region.  It may keep you ungrounded and lacking the ability to concentrate or focus for any length of time.  This is often a form of avoiding “knowing”; a false way of keeping yourself safe from thoughts or realities that may be hurtful (because of their truth). Healing this area requires learning to believe in what you know; what you are receiving spiritually, intuitively. Releasing blocks in this soul study, requires you to believe in things that are not tangible, but that may become tangible.  It requires strength to release fears of “knowing”.  For instance, if you receive information about a future event, and that event comes to pass, you begin to trust what you are getting through the tangible result of the event. This allow you to begin trusting the information; trusting your intuition.  This will help you create better health in that area of your body, releasing resistance, and allows for better guidance in life.  This is part of your tool set for guidance.  Learning to use it is imperative in your ability to create what you want, and to create better circumstances in life and health.  Releasing fears requires an understanding of soul planning and the bigger picture.  This affects all areas of your life.

  1. Seventh focus area

(Crown Chakra; aligned with the soul mastery of connection to God, and/or source energy; spiritual connection and the souls purpose):

This focus area is just above the top of the head, and may affect all areas of the body, including symptoms that are pandemic (throughout the body), such as leukemia, or bone cancer, or other illness and disease that presents throughout the entire body.  Your brain, being the commander of your body and its systems, is most often the center of this area, and the area that requires healing and adjustment.  This energy center connects all of the other energy centers, as a central command post. The right side of the brain is in charge of your emotions and intuition; your creative side.  The left hemisphere is your analytical side, in charge of language; your ability to communicate. [Math is also a language of communication through a system, so the left controls this ability as well.]  This left side helps you choose a “language” that works for you and helps (or hinders) you in being able to communicate your emotions.  So they work together; one feeling emotions, and the other communicating them.  Healing this focus area requires choosing to believe in a power or force beyond what you can experience tangibly.  Releasing blocks in this area of mastery, requires you to believe that you are connected and embody that “spark” of creative energy.  It requires choosing to release fears of all things spiritual; having to do with fears of loss of control.  These can come from past lives as well.  For instance, if you had a life of persecution for believing in a divine God presence, and/or suffered from religious persecution, then this may create a block in your ability to choose freedom in this area.  Overcoming this will help you create better health throughout your body, releasing resistance, and allowing for a healthy control within your life.  Again, releasing fears requires an understanding of soul planning, dimensional existence, and the bigger picture of what we are here to learn; our life purpose.


Seeing and understanding your body as a tool for communication will allow you to realize where you have the most energy “stuck” within.  You will begin to see, hear and feel where most of your emotional upset is showing up.  Is it in the areas of relationship?  Money?  Career?  Pay attention to your body.  First the feelings and emotions will be subtle; such as feeling sad, or lonely, or feelings of fear.  If you do not listen, then those escalate; sadness may become depression; fear may become anxiety.  This is going from phase 1, to phase 2.  The 3rd phase that happens if we do not listen is physical pain, illness and/or disease.   That’s why it is so important to get in touch with what you are feeling, and to your ability to choose methods of release and/or your ability to choose a change of circumstances.  Your reward will be better health and wellbeing.

Here’s how it works, and the why behind the body systems.  Ask yourself where has the emotion built up?  This creates a lower frequency vibration that affects your physical body.  The body will tell you that something is there and if you do not listen, then it will continue to get “louder”; the symptoms will increase or become worse.  Once you identify a pattern, or an area within your body that is most affected, begin with some simple questions.  Again, if you are having trouble with this, then set up a session to help you identify what’s going on.

Your brain will direct your emotions and feelings to be acknowledged.  So if you are blocked, then your feelings cannot get through.  They are not being seen, heard or felt by you first, and then they are not being spoken and communicated out into the world.  You cannot put a name on your feelings, so often the response by you or by others cannot be effective.  You cannot respond to what you cannot feel or identify.  Your body will tell you this is happening by creating symptoms in certain areas of the body that are holding the blocked energy.

The symptoms of your emotional body are letting you know that it is necessary to make a change BEFORE they become physical symptoms.  Are your relationships going well, work, finance?  Then listen!  It is time for a change.  Now, if you have a negative belief around change, I urge you to examine it.  Release any negative belief that change is bad or hard!  If you begin to believe that change can be smooth and easy, it will help you create a smooth and easy change.

So identify where you are feeling the effects.  The second step is to identify the emotions within the area that is affected.  The third is to assess how it is affecting your body, and then to decide to value YOU and your health.  This is your motivation, and it is very important to have it in place.  Deciding that you deserve health and happiness is necessary to really commit to change.

Using our body and energy within it, our mind, body and soul, is the key to creating a whole, happy and healthy life.  One where you are experiencing harmonious relationship with friends, family and love relationships; one where you are working in a career that aligns with your soul’s purpose; one that is allowing you to experience an abundance of support, emotionally and monetarily.  The steps to use this information to help you heal, are

1)      to identify where you are feeling symptoms, even if they are subtle now.

2)      Then to assess; do they require you to change thought, to create new belief, or perhaps require you to take further action and create change in either a work, love or financial relationship situation?

3)      Using energy techniques to release trapped energy, along with using the mind through affirmations, is a great next step; a great and effective combination – and all within your ability!

4)      Taking action toward change is the final step.  And, if you have already created illness, then please do everything you can to support your body’s natural ability to heal, including surgery and/or medicine.  Sometimes when we wait too long, it takes extreme measures to create health again.  You are worth it, and ignoring them is only going to create more of the same.  So face your fears; look them square in the eye!  Do not allow your fears to affect you in a negative way.  Get the help that you need to support your healing.

In my book, “How to Use Your Body as a Tool for Healing”, my guide book that I channeled along with the Reiki Angel Deck of cards, I talk more in-depth about symptoms within the energy focus areas and their meanings.  My Reiki Angel Cards are a tool that helps you to identify and clear energy throughout the body, including the energy bodies of the Aura System, and Chakra Systems.  They use guided affirmations, and color frequency meditations to release energy from the past, present and future.  These are simple tools that can help you right now!  Don’t wait until your body is screaming for help!

Wishing You Peace, Health & Happiness,







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