DNA Activation

What happens during the DNA Activation?

In this 6 phase activation, we will be connecting with and bringing in dimensional, intelligent energy, to activate the remaining 10 strands of DNA.  The activation of the DNA strands then activates the DNA Codes, within the Master Cell, and allows the entire activation to continue throughout the body.  This Master Cell energy is then connected to the Crater Cell at the base of the spine to facilitate Base Code & Accelerator Code Activation; activating energies of past wisdom, and future creation, and to connect you to healing abilities and manifesting abilities.  The activation of the chromosomes (and the Telomeres) is next, activating the Youth Chromosome through the Telomeres (reversal of aging) and then continues on to activate the 64 codons (the energy in DNA/RNA).  See each phase below to understand the process further.

The Process begins

The energy enters the top of the crown and flows to the Master Cell, opening the energy center within, to allow the frequency to activate and awaken the nucleus; the center, of the cell.

This then allows the flow to continue down the body, to the base of the spine, where the crater cell is.  The crater cell holds the codes to the past, present & future.  This activates and awakens the vibrational life source codes to the past, present & future energy – including Akashic energy.

Then, the energy moves up the spine, moves through the center of your being, and through all energy centers; the chakras, you may feel the vibration as a tingling, or a warmth.  The energy completes a circuitous cycle, up to the Master Cell.  You may see colors, or have other experiences of this beautiful source energy.  This marks the first phase of activation.

Connection & DNA Activation

As the energy moves once again to the Master Cell, which holds the 12 templates for the 12 DNA strands, the 10 strands that have been dormant, begin to be activated.  There are 2 strands of DNA that are activated in our current physical body, and then in the center, are the 10 strands that are dormant.  As the energy connects to the templates, the 10 strands of dormant DNA begin to awaken.

The coding from the Crater Cell is brought into the Master Cell, and the 10 DNA strands, and brings the dimensional aspects of memory information past and future (the Akashic information) to the DNA.  As they awaken, you will receive energetic access to this dimensional intelligence.  This completes the 2nd phase.

Base Code & Accelerator Code Activation

Next the activation of the Time Codes begins.  As the time codes of past, present and future, begin to be activated in the Master Cell, the base codes are activated.  Base codes connect you to the wisdom and learning of all that has been, and the accelerator codes connecting you to the future. These codes enable you to heal yourself, and to manifest into the future.  These allow you to understand how to transcend, and to bend, time and space; how to transfer, and access, energy beyond the current dimension.  Accessing these other dimensional frequencies activates and awakens other codes within the DNA strands.  And this completes the 3rd phase of activation.

Activation of the 44 chromosomes

Now, the activated energy flows to the remaining 44 chromosomes within the body. This allows for your entire energetic body to come up in frequency and become evolved to the next level; this supports the access to your intuitive and sensory abilities; to become awakened and open to receive information dimensionally.  And this completes the 4th phase of activation.

Telomere Activation

As the chromosomes receive the activated energy vibration, the energetic strands begin to vibrate and the energy is transferred to the ends of your chromosomes, the telomeres.  As the telomeres experience the awakening, they activate the youth and vitality aspects of the chromosome.  Feel this energy flowing throughout your body, in each cell as it is transferred throughout your body.

This is where the energy of aging is targeted.  The vibrational coding for aging begins to be reversed.  The energy of reversal creates a sideways figure 8 as the energy is reversed.  The reversal occurs and becomes the code of agelessness in its reversed flow.  This reverses the aging process to agelessness; moving through your body into the DNA, the nucleus within each cell.  The telomeres lengthen at the end of each chromosome.  And this completes the 5th phase of activation.

Activation of the 64 Codons

You have 64 Codons within the body’s DNA/RNA, and only about 20 of these are currently in use.  The codons hold energy of information – like chips that are encoded with programs.  Energetically and spiritually they hold the energy associated with your souls encoded talents, wisdom, clarity of purpose, and connection to the universal source of knowledge.

The energy activates all of the codons, turning them on; which turns on all of the cells, accessing dimensions that are beyond this dimension, and bringing the energy into all of the nucleus of all cells within the body.  And this completes the process.

Final result

Your 2 strand DNA has become awakened and is now a 12 strand DNA energy.  Your Master Cell Coding and Crater Cell Coding are complete, including the Base & Accelerator Codes, the 44 Chromosomes & Telomeres, and the 64 Codons.

Know that as you release more and more limiting beliefs, you will have more and more access to this magical energy within you.



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