Connection to others on relationships

Ray Take back the powerMany have been asking about connection to others (relationships in this linear dimension) and connection spiritually (relationship in the non-linear, some having to do with past lives). Both require that you listen.

In the linear

Becoming a good listener needs to begin with you. I give many a meditation that facilitates listening to your inner child; truly connecting to how you really think and feel. You must cultivate a ‘nice’ and loving way of speaking to yourself. When you create this space for communication, you are practicing listening. You must be a good listener to ‘self’ first.

The next step is to take it (being a good listener) outside of yourself. Watch how you interact with others. Are you so busy trying to be heard, or trying to be interesting, that you forget to be interested? Are you listening to others? When you calm your inner need to be heard, and practice listening to others, then you create the space to be heard. This is quantum physics; like attracts like. You will attract, by listening and being a good listener, someone who is a good listener.

Example; if you don’t believe that is someone there for you to have a relationship with, then that belief starts to take root and become a reality. Be careful of what you choose to think!

In the non-linear

Again, this begins with being a good listener to self. The same universal principal applies; like attracts like. When you become a good listener, and you allow yourself to sit in quiet connection, you will begin to hear your guides, and those on the other side.

Example; if you don’t believe you can hear others, or connect to them, then the space will not be open for them to come through. Again, your thoughts are vibrational things that create realities. Do not limit yourself!!!

Take time to practice listening each day. Listen to the vibrations around you within the world. Listen to yourself each day. Then sit in meditation and listen to those on the other side. Practice will align you with true communication. And by being aligned with it/to it, you get to create the reality of all that your soul wants and needs. It does exist for you.

Make the space, ask and you shall receive….

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