Beetle Spirit Animal Message

The Green Beetle is one of over 350,000 mutations of beetles, and in that is related to the Scarab Beetle.  This in and of itself speaks to Beetle’s strength in adapting and surviving.  Scarab Beetles are a symbol of good luck, and associated with Ra the sun God who was thought to have “rolled the sun across the sky”.  This ancient energy brings beautiful strength today and the message that it is time to assess your spiritual journey here on earth.

Much like the Scarab Beetle that spends its later life rolling dung in a ball to feed their young, the Ancient Egyptians watched the baby Beetle emerge from this ball of dung and discover its hidden wings.  This both represented the death of the old, and the birth of the new.  When the Beetle took flight, it was to discover a new aspect of life; a re-birthing.  This represents humans, encased in the physical world, until they discover their wings.  This flying is related to the flight of the sun, and the sun God Ra, a symbol for renewal.

The beetle has three parts, the head abdomen and the thorax (or larger part of the tail end).  these 3 parts hold a message regarding an aspect of the numerology of 3; strength that is multiplied by three times energetically.  What you put out into the world will come back to you multiplied!  So, make sure it is positive at all times!  It also reminds you to look within; to the the Me, Myself & I energy – self evaluation. The beetle, with its hard shell (that offers a layer of protection from harsh energies), and antennae (that helps with perceptions) bring messages of Karma, Spiritual Growth, Awareness, Creativity and dimensional time.  And the interaction of all of these together helps to create growth and awareness.

To see what Beetle may be telling you, see the questions below:

  • What are you putting out into the world?  Are you willing to receive this energy multiplied – by 3?  You will be rewarded by your conscious application of this energy – think and act positively and you will be rewarded!
  • Are you grounded?  Do you remember where you came from, and how you arrived at this place of birth?  Take a moment and feel gratitude for your journey and all you have experienced; how you have grown and continue to grow through challenges.
  • Are you so busy protecting yourself from others that you are missing your growth opportunity?  Spending energy in this way is exhausting.  Beetle is asking you to check your perceptions.  Can that person’s words really hurt you if you don’t give them the power?
  • Are you avoiding being social because you don’t believe in your social skills?  Use the energy of the Beetle to increases awareness of your own ability to navigate what is being presented.  You will expand your self-esteem when you trust in yourself.  It’s time to step out into the light and be seen!
  • Are you being defensive?  Check your belief in what you see – are you able to turn the experience around so that you see the positive?  Don’t hide under your shell in fear!
  • Beetles bright color, green in this case, is bringing a message regarding being seen, as well as bringing in the energy of healing.  Are you allowing yourself to be seen for all of your beauty?  If you don’t see it, then others cannot either.  Beetle is telling you to heal this aspect of yourself.  Do not need your own shell to protect yourself from yourself!   Don’t be your own worst enemy!
  • Are you open to spread your wings and allow for the prosperity and wealth that is there for you?  Green is the color associated with prosperity, and Beetle is telling you to “fly” – to spread your wings on that new project or idea.  You will be pleasantly surprised at the agility that comes to you!  It’s time to emerge!
  • Are you being proactive in your adaptability?  Beetle brings strong energy to you so that you can accept upcoming changes.  This is necessary for your “thrival”!

See all changes as positive and a part of the process that is taking you to your purpose.  Beetle is guiding you to great rewards!


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